Victorian Notice to Mariners

The following Notice to Mariners is published for general information.

Melbourne, 11 November 2021 Australia – Victoria

11 November 2021

No. 344(T) – 2021

Local Port of Port Phillip


Queenscliff Harbour Destination Mooring Submerged Working Buoy




Mariners are advised that a destination mooring, located within Queenscliff Harbour at approximate location 3815.704’S, 14439.987’E (WGS84), is temporarily unavailable and has a submerged working buoy attached.
The temporary working buoy is submerged at approximately 2 metres below the surface and could cause a hazard to navigation for vessels with a deep draft.
The destination mooring and mooring buoy will be reinstated as soon as practicable.
Mariners are advised to navigate with caution within the vicinity of the Destination Mooring.

Charts & Publications Affected:

AUS 143, 144, 158

Further Notice:

A Further notice will be issued


If you require any further information, please contact the City of Port Phillip on 0470 190 183.

Deven Sumputh

A/Senior Manager Local Ports and Waterways

Marine and Maritime Region

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