Changes to Grants Picnic Ground

Friday 7 February, 2020

From Wednesday 12 February 2020, artificial bird feeding will cease at one of Victoria’s top tourist attractions, the Grants Picnic Ground in the Dandenong Ranges National Park

In line with the National Parks Act, conservation research and community feedback, any individual in a park, may no longer feed, offer food or offer any object as food to any animal. 

The decision was made following independent advice about the negative impacts of bird feeding on the surrounding environment and a public consultation process. 

This is consistent with all other National Parks across the State where bird feeding is also not permitted as it can favour aggressive species and lead to unnatural densities and species composition. This has the potential to alter forest bird communities and disadvantage species which are less aggressive. 

With many attractions to this beautiful area, visitors are still encouraged to visit the grounds and experience its unique and serene environment. 

Situated in the Sherbrooke Forest, Grants Picnic Ground is home to an abundance of native animals and birds, including the Superb Lyrebird, which attracts many visitors throughout the year.  

The tall trees, including the world’s tallest flowering tree the Mountain Ash, lush fern gullies, numerous walks and hikes for all ages/fitness levels, wonderful wildlife and the Grants on Sherbrooke Café remain big features.

In addition to the many outdoor activities, Grants Picnic Ground is a hub of activity for nature lovers. With many available facilities including, an accessible table, BBQ facilities, restrooms, parking bay and the local Grants on Sherbrooke Café.

Parks Victoria staff will have a regular onsite presence to monitor the health of the birds and to educate visitors about the environment and the reasons bird feeding is no longer permitted.

Quotes attributable to Victoria Purdue, District Manager, Parks Victoria 
“The ban comes as over the years bird feeding has had significant impacts on the natural composition of the bird community and other natural values at the site. Bird feeding is not sustainable to the local environment and is inconsistent with the National Parks Act and is not permitted in any other National Park in Victoria. 

“With many other visitor attractions available at the site, Parks Victoria sees this as an opportunity for Tour Operators to promote alternative visitor experiences at Grants Picnic Ground”.
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