Twelve Apostles Pipeline Project

Schedule of works and timeline

Two 11-kilometre pipelines will connect the Twelve Apostles Visitor Centre to Port Campbell to improve environmental safeguards and improve visitor experience as visitation to the site continues to grow.

One pipeline will provide a link to carry sewage from the Visitor Centre toilets to the Port Campbell Sewage Treatment Plant, ensuring Environmental Protection Authority standards are met as visitor numbers continue to rise.

An additional pipeline will be installed alongside, supplying drinkable water to the visitor centre. Currently water is trucked in daily, and the pipeline will remove over 500 trips every year.

Duration and key dates

Works commence: September 2019

Works complete: mid 2020

Project funding

$8.6 million

Project information

  • Construction will commence from both ends of the pipeline, with traffic closed to one lane on the Great Ocean Road where work is occurring.
  • Delays can be expected - traffic management contractors will be used to control the traffic flow and motorists should make provision for delays, particularly in peak periods.
  • Using directional boring technology, the pipeline will be installed along the shoulder of the Great Ocean Road, minimising environmental impact and minimising vegetation removal in the road reserve and Port Campbell National Park during construction.
  • Parking or stopping to drop off or pick up on the Great Ocean Road is not permitted where yellow lines are marked.
  • Observe onsite signage directing different sized vehicles to specific parking areas.


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