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Changes of conditions

There will be times when, in the interests of visitor safety and environmental sustainability, access roads, visitor sites or entire parks and reserves will need to be closed or have access restricted.

To add a new change of condition, visit the change of conditions form.

To remove a change of conditions, visit the change of conditions archive.

For more information about changes of conditions, please visit Warnawi.

Public notices

Parks Victoria publishes public notices where relevant, including information regarding leases and boating and waterway activity exemptions.

To add a new public notice, visit the public notices form.

To remove a public notice, visit the public notices archive.

Notices to mariners

Notices to Mariners (NTMs) are an official notification issued to mariners providing advice on aids to navigation (AtoNs), safety issues, dangers or hazards to navigation within chartered waters of which authorities have knowledge.

To add a new notice to mariner, visit the notice to mariners form.

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