Supporting Nature's Future

Supporting Nature's Future applies to everything we can and must do now to guarantee nature will be around for generations to come. Our activities that seek support such as advocacy, volunteering, giving and corporate sponsorship are all designed to protect and care for nature into the future. Our commercial operations also give back to nature. Our investment in capital infrastructure works and asset maintenance and repair, all require the firm focus we have as land managers on ensuring our parks can be the best they can be for future generations.

We have a responsibility to ensure nature is here into the future and is always protected. This can come through many forms, from conservation programs that support biodiversity to cultural heritage protection and restoring traditional caring for country practices our our land and waterways. Putting Safety First often means we need to close certain places while we rebuild assets to ensure they can stand the test of time in our much loved parks. We have an ageing infrastructure with heritage buildings, old piers and jetties, campgrounds that don’t have the facilities needed to meet the demand of modern day visitors. It is our duty to find ways that we can invest, support and give back to nature.

Making tough decisions for the greater good

Nature is unpredictable, as are people and sometimes we see things that cause damage or harm, or present a significant risk to nature’s future. We have an obligation to protect native landscapes and right the wrongs of the past – and often this can be an inconvenience to visitors or communities. The best we can do is make sure Victorians are informed about the decisions we make so here are some of those very examples.

Evidence of feral horse trampling native vegetation, Alpine National Park

Feral animal control

Feral animals are non-native (introduced) species that threaten vulnerable species and damage natural habitats.

Cultural protections

Cultural heritage is not just a remnant of history. It's alive, and constantly changing and evolving – often expressed through cultural traditions that have been reclaimed and revitalised in a contemporary setting.
A young man offers his hand to his walking partner at the summit of The Pinnacle in the Grampians National Park.

Putting safety first

Stay safe and get the most out of your park visit by preparing for natural hazards and other outdoor risks in Victoria’s parks. You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of those in your care.

Investing in nature

The Victorian Government invests in Parks Victoria through the state budget. Every year we assess what we have on the parks estate and bid for additional project funding to renew or build new assets, undertake conservation programs or improve our visitor experience.

A couple stop to enjoy the view of the ocean sat upon a granite boulder at Tongue Point.


Investing in nature is essential to ensure its protection and longevity. There are many plans and projects underway - show your support and stay informed.

Corporate partnerships

Partner with us through a corporate partner or sponsorship that supports nature programs or projects.

Giving back by getting involved

With more than four million hectares of land and 70 per cent of Victoria’s coastline, managing our broad natural landscape takes a lot of work, and we can’t do it alone. With the help of volunteer groups, community stakeholders and local governments, we are able to shape the future for nature.

Three women in casual clothing holding seedlings


Discover hundreds of exciting volunteer opportunities around Victoria and learn about groups working in your local area. There are volunteer activities for every age group, skill and ability type.

Community engagement

Help shape nature's future by contributing to project plans that help inform decisions about how we manage our land and waterways.
Three welcoming park rangers

Have your say

Want to give us your feedback? Parks Victoria welcomes suggestions from the public. Tell us how you’d like to see nature’s future or report anything we should be aware of

Creating opportunities and building relationships

Nature provides the perfect backdrop for a range of activities. We offer commercial opportunities to do business with us and give back to nature through open tenders for building tenants, licences and permits to operate on public land, and activating nature spaces through hosting an event by hiring a unique part of Victoria to entertain your guests at your next private function.

Mount Buffalo Chalet with garden in bloom

Commercial leases

Manage your business against some of Australia’s most beautiful backdrops by leasing your own part of nature. See our current opportunities.
A diver explores a coral reef in the Twelve Apostles Marine National Park.

Licensed tourism operators

If you run a tourism business, why not apply for a licence to conduct tours and activities in nature?
A marquee on the lawns of Werribee Mansion.

Venue hire and events

From marriages to marathons, get into nature for your special occasion, or create a unique experience for your next event.

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