Conservation and science

Victoria is home to the most diverse collection of landscapes in Australia. These landscapes support a wider range of ecosystems than any area of similar size in Australia.

Our conservation programs help reduce threats and improve the health of our natural landscapes. 

We know that to best look after 
something, we need to first understand what it is and how it works. That's why our conservation approach is based on best-practice science.

Featured conservation projects

The view from the top of Mt Bishop in Wilsons Promontory National Park.

Wilsons Prom Sanctuary

Through the Prom Sanctuary project, Wilsons Promontory National Park will become a 50,000 hectare climate change safe haven – where Victoria’s rich wildlife and habitats are freed from the pressures of introduced predators and pests.
A male deer stands in a deep, muddy wallow amongst native vegetation in the Alpine National Park


Parks Victoria takes coordinated action, informed by scientific research, tailored to individual parks to reduce damage caused by deer.
A kookaburra sits on a balustrade

Nature Conservation Strategy

The Nature Conservation Strategy 2021-2031 sets out how Parks Victoria aims to conserve and protect nature on Victoria’s parks estate.

Beaded Gecko in Victoria's Mallee region.

Our Amazing Diversity

Victoria’s diverse landscapes support a wider range of ecosystems than any area of a similar size in Australia, meaning that this part of the world is jam packed with weird and wonderful life.

The Heads of Port Phillip taken from Point Nepean National Park.

Conserving our parks

We are committed to conservation


Science and research

Nature is complicated and we will never know it all

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