Procurement within Parks Victoria is aligned to the Victorian Government Purchasing Board policy framework established under the Financial Management Act 1994.

The framework has a strong focus on delivering:

  • Value for money and fit-for-purpose outcomes
  • Minimising risk
  • Enabling access to procurement opportunities for all businesses.


Parks Victoria requests for tenders is available from the Victorian Tenders website.



Parks Victoria Request for Quotations (RFQ) for goods and services under $150,000 ($200,000 for construction services and $500,000 for construction works) is managed through VendorPanel, a web based procurement application. The technology is managed and supported by VendorPanel Pty Ltd.


VendorPanel Marketplace

To see Parks Victoria RFQ opportunities, you must register your details via VendorPanel Marketplace.

If you need assistance with creating a company profile, please watch the Supplier video tutorial which steps you through the process.

It’s free and only takes a couple of minutes. Once you have registered you will be able to add colleagues to your company profile. You and your colleagues must be registered to be invited to respond to new projects and RFQ opportunities and will then be able to submit quotes and proposals.

Please note, if you are an existing VendorPanel registered Supplier, you still need to register in the Marketplace to get these opportunities. It's easy and will be linked to your existing profile. In the registration email, select 'CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED', accept the invitation and sign into your existing account to register.


Parks Victoria Registered Supplier Lists in VendorPanel

Parks Victoria has implemented three registered supplier lists in VendorPanel:

These lists will enable suppliers to upload current insurance certificates of currency and confirm Parks Victoria qualification requirements once. This is designed to simplify the Request for Quotation process for suppliers.
Suppliers will still be required to respond to Request for Quotes, but will not need to include insurances and other general qualification requirements every time they respond to a Parks Victoria request for quotation.

Next steps

Step One - To become a registered supplier, click the applicable link:

  • Signs and Barriers
  • Horticulture and Arboriculture
  • Environmental and Heritage Services

Step Two - Complete the registration page and request an invitation which will be sent to you from


Step Three - Once you receive the invitation, click on the ‘GET STARTED' link.


If you’re a registered supplier on VendorPanel:

  • Enter your password and select the subcategories that align to your business.

If you’re not a registered supplier on VendorPanel

  • Enter a password
  • Select the subcategories that align to your business.
  • Complete your company profile.

You will be required to submit:

  • Public Liability (and Products Liability if applicable) Insurance - Amount of cover in respect of any one occurrence must not be less than $20 million.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance (if applicable) - Amount of cover in respect of any one claim must not be less than $5 million. Note: there may be a requirement for you to obtain this cover (if you don't have it) should you be invited to quote on services that require Professional Indemnity cover;
  • Workers Compensation Insurance, and
  • Qualification Requirements - Supplier Code of Conduct, Request for Minor Supply (Conditions of Offer) and Draft Contracts.

Once your business profile has been approved by Parks Victoria, you will automatically be added to the relevant list. You need to follow this same process if your business provides goods, services or works for more than one list and you will be able to link the compliance requirements to each list you are registered on.

Key information

Once it has been determined that sufficient suppliers are available in each registered list, the categories will no longer be available in the Public Marketplace or Verified Marketplaces for Parks Victoria opportunities.

If you have any questions on the process please contact Parks Victoria or for any VendorPanel platform related issues, please contact VendorPanel Support.

Supplier Code of Conduct

What the Victorian Government expects from suppliers

The Victorian State Government (the State) is committed to ethical, sustainable and socially responsible procurement. In ensuring that our suppliers maintain the same values as the Government, the State has established a Supplier Code of Conduct (the Code).

The Code outlines the minimum ethical standards in behaviour that suppliers will aspire to meet when conducting business with, or on behalf of, the State in the areas of:

  • Integrity, ethics and conduct
  • Conflict of interest, gifts, benefits and hospitality
  • Corporate governance
  • Labour and human rights
  • Health and safety
  • Environmental management.

Help and support

For more information download the supplier fact sheet and frequently asked questions. Suppliers are encouraged to review the Code and raise any concerns with their relevant contract manager.


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