Cod Point (Warby-Ovens National Park)


Cod Point (Warby-Ovens National Park)

Enjoy swimming or fishing in the Ovens River, or relax among the River Red Gums. Bring a picnic or a barbecue, or pitch a tent and spend a night immersed in nature. When the Ovens River is in flood, this area of the park may be closed for public safety.

Visitor Tips: this is a dispersed bush camping area with no facilities other than a picnic table so campers must be self-sufficient and bring their own water. No fees or bookings apply. Please take your rubbish home for recycling or disposal. Pets are prohibited. Please consider the impacts of generators or loud music on other visitors.

Campsites must be at least 20m away from waterways. Avoid camping close to waterways if rain or storms are forecast, as waters may rise quickly and trap you. Do not park or camp under or near large trees like River Red Gums, as branches may fall at any time and swing away from the tree. Whole trees can also fall without warning. Rope swings are not recommended.

Rivers may have fast currents, underwater objects, and deep holes which can be hazardous. Always enter the water slowly, feet first. Do not dive or jump in to the river. Submerged objects can cause neck or spinal injuries. Never swim alone or in flood waters. Drinking alcohol significantly increases the risk of drowning. Always actively supervise children in or near water. Children under ten should always be within sight. Children under five should always be within reach. Lifejackets and flotation devices are recommended.

Fires are permitted for cooking and warmth, provided: it is not a day of Total Fire Ban, a 3-metre area around it is cleared of anything flammable, an adult is in attendance at all times and at least 10 litres of water are available for immediate use. Put the fire out with water, not soil. When the campfire is cool to touch, it is safe to leave.

Firewood is becoming scarce along the river. Woody debris on the ground provides important habitat for small animals. Help us protect the park’s wildlife by bringing firewood with you or using a portable camping stove or barbecue.

Chemical toilets are recommended. Please do not empty chemical toilets or other rubbish into public toilets or waterways. The nearest dump point for chemical toilets and grey water is located at Wareena Park, Swan St, Wangaratta. Earth pit toilets are acceptable, but must be at least 100 metres from any waterway. Bury all toilet waste, including toilet paper at least 15cm deep.

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Cod Point (Warby-Ovens National Park)

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Cod Point (Warby-Ovens National Park)

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Dogs are not allowed



Be Prepared

Stay safe and get the most out of your park visit by preparing for natural hazards and other outdoor risks in Victoria’s parks. You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of those in your care. Find out more.

Change of Conditions

Nature being nature, sometimes conditions can change at short notice. It’s a good idea to check this page ahead of your visit for any updates.

Temporary closure of McLaughlins Bend track, Warby Ovens National Park

McLaughlins Bend track is temporarily closed due to wet conditions post road maintenance works. The nearest alternative river access is to the South in Peechelba at Frosts Lane or Golding street. Once conditions allow for the maintenance work to dry out the track will reopen.

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