Mud Islands - Port Phillip Heads Marine NP (Local Port of Port Phillip)


Mud Islands - Port Phillip Heads Marine NP (Local Port of Port Phillip)

Mud Islands are an exposed area of the Great Sands which is the most extensive sand bank in Port Phillip Bay. Located approximately 6km north east of Portsea, the islands are constantly changing shape due to storms and sand movement. The vegetation includes saltmarsh and dune shrubland, surrounded by dense seagrass beds and mud flats.
The habitats of Mud Islands are essential for the survival of many species. Within the sand lives a range of invertebrates including segmented worms and crabs. Many shark species use this area for basking and Bronze Whaler Sharks use the warm waters around the islands to give birth to their young.
Mud Islands are considered an area of international significance and as such, have been listed as a RAMSAR site. The fine sands and muddy sediments exposed between the tides provide excellent habitats for many birds, including endangered species and long distance migratory species.
The microfauna of the sands and mud within this and other areas of the bay are important in maintaining water quality within the whole of the Bays waters. Mud Islands are a great spot for birdwatching due to the huge variety of seabird species present. Snorkelling around the islands and observing animals within the seagrass meadows is also an enjoyable past time.
This is a spectacular place to visit and a walk around the islands to take in the scenery is a must.
The islands can only be reached by boat, the most convenient departure points being Queenscliff or Sorrento. Day visitors are permitted, but overnight camping is not. As the islands are surrounded by shallow waters, visitors need to be cautious when attempting a landing. Passengers must be ferried to shore by dinghy or else wade in. Visits need careful planning to avoid the boat being stranded at low tide.

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Mud Islands - Port Phillip Heads Marine NP (Local Port of Port Phillip)

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Mud Islands - Port Phillip Heads Marine NP (Local Port of Port Phillip)

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