TrailRider all-terrain wheelchairs are now available in a number of Victoria's parks enabling visitors with mobility limitations to explore the great outdoors. The TrailRider allows visitors to access more rugged walking trails not otherwise accessible with conventional wheelchairs.

Local staff can provide expert advice on the best routes for chairs, so with the help of chair operators you can experience Victoria’s parks like never before. A minimum of two chair operators are required to operate the chair.

TrailRiders have adjustable seating and supports, making them suitable for adults and children with varying abilities. Motorised chairs are available at some locations allowing visitors to explore steeper and longer trails.

The TrailRiders are free to use, but please book in advance to avoid disappointment. Users are required to bring a helmet and undertake a chair induction. The chairs easily disassemble and fit in the back of most medium sized SUVs.

TrailRiders are available at selected parks and also at community locations near parks. Motorised TrailRider chairs are available to book at the following park locations:

  • Grampians National Park, Brambuk National Park and Cultural Centre on (03) 8427 2058
  • Dandenong Ranges National Park, Grants Picnic Area on (03) 8427 2090 
  • Wilsons Promontory National Park Information Centre on (03) 8427 2122



Other TrailRider chair locations

TrailRiders can also be booked and borrowed for free at the following selected local Shires and Visitor Information Centres which are located near parks:



We can offer assistance

Parks Victoria has developed a TrailRider Volunteer program to assist you to explore parks in the All terrain TrailRider wheelchairs, if you require extra support.  A TrailRider Volunteer is a trained operator to push and pull the TrailRider chair provided for any visitors using the chair. TrailRider Volunteers are available at both the Dandenong Ranges and Grampians National Parks.

TrailRider visitor Karen Fankhauser explained her experience: "Freedom ... It means I can actually experience bushwalking and that's something you can't do in a normal chair. For someone with limited mobility or no mobility it's an amazing experience ... instead of just watching from a viewing platform you get to be within the park itself." quoted in The Sunday Mail, February 2018.

The service is free of charge however please book a week in advance.

To book a volunteer please contact:



Find out more about the TrailRider Volunteer program.



Your guide to using TrailRider chairs in parks

Planning Your Walk

Tell a responsible friend or family member of your planned walk. Stay on designated and marked walking tracks and trails to avoid getting lost. The highly advanced tracks may require some navigation skills as the directional signs may be limited. When transporting the TrailRider it is recommended that a minimum of two people lift the chair into the vehicle and that it is secured.

Safety when using a TrailRider chair

  • The TrailRider requires a minimum of 2 inducted operators.
  • Additional operators are required on the more advanced trails.
  • Chair passengers are required to wear a bike helmet.
  • Always have the seat belt fastened while seated in the chair.
  • The chair has a weight limit of 113kg, total of the rider and gear.
  • When stationary, ensure the chair is on level ground, the kickstand is down and is stabilised by at least one operator.
  • The chair is not designed to go in water deeper than 100mm, and could result in damage to the motor in the wheel-hub.


Be safe, be prepared

Before you begin exploring these outstanding tracks, plan ahead.

Trail use by non-motorised TrailRider chairs

The motorisation of the TrailRider reduces the number of operators needed to comfortably undertake a track. The length of a track, the steepness, the number of obstacles to negotiate and the fitness of the operator will determine how many extra operators would be needed for a non-motorised chair.

TrailRider Track Grading System

Parks Victoria has developed a TrailRider Track Grading System (TTGS) for motorised TrailRiders. This system focuses on the number, skill and fitness levels of TrailRider operators. Not all park walking trails are suitable for TrailRider chairs and visitors should always refer to park visitor information guides for recommended trails. 

TrailRider grading system and operator requirements table

Trail Anomalies where additional operators are recommended

In some instances, there will be a variation to the standard TrailRider signage due to some trails being an exception to the grading system. Some of these trails will have a tricky obstacle to navigate or be a little longer than normal for the grading or have an extra-long steep slope. In these circumstances an additional operator is needed though they do not need to have a higher skill level. In these instances, these signs will be used:


TrailRider advisory symbol beginner three operatorsTrailRider advisory symbol intermediate four operatorsTrailRider advisory symbol advanced four operators


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