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To make it easier for people with limited mobility to see the accessible experiences on offer, Parks Victoria has released the video below - produced and narrated by park visitor Ryan Smith, who uses a wheelchair. Accessibility advocate Ryan details the all abilities access and experiences on offer at picturesque Albert Park.


Swan Picnic Ground

The Swan Picnic Ground is at the very northern end of the park. It offers a large expanse of parkland with trees, providing a lovely, shady location on a summer’s afternoon.

Access and parking

Access is via Albert Road, with the main parking area off Albert Road Drive. Two disabled parking bays are located at the western end of the parking area near the path that leads to the toilet block. The bays are only standard width parking bays, however, an access way next to the most western bay allows for loading space for a wheelchair user.

Two similar, but unmarked, bays are located halfway along the parking area on either side on the entrance way to the picnic pavilion. There are three more marked parking bays at the very northern end of Aquatic Drive. These bays are 3.3 metres wide. The curb cut is only on the southern side of the parking bay, giving access to both the lake side path and the path to the accessible toilet facilities.

Swan Picnic Area disabled parking bays

The disabled parking bay at Swan Picnic Ground.

Toilet facilities

The toilet block at Swan Picnic Ground contains a unisex accessible toilet.

Swan Picnic Area unisex toilet block

The unisex toilets at Swan Picnic Ground.

The cubicle contains a raised toilet with grab rails both beside and behind it. There is ample room for manoeuvring and wheelchair space beside the toilet. The room contains an accessible hand basin and a baby change table.

Swan Picnic Area accessible toilet

Interior of the accessible toilet at Swan Picnic Ground.

Hand basin in the Swan Picnic Area accessible toilet

Handbasin in the Swan Picnic Ground accessible toilet.


Picnic Pavilion

A picnic shelter is available near the middle entrance to the park on Albert Road Drive. The pavilion contains four tables, each of which has two roll under sides that allow for two wheelchairs at each table. The pavilion has an electric barbecue with a working height of 900 millimetres. Shaded picnic tables are available, but none have roll under ends. The barbecue facility has been constructed with a working height of 900 millimetres. There is a large concrete area around the barbecues.

Albert Park electric barbecues

Some of the electric barbecues at Albert Park.

Picnic tables at Swan Picnic Area

Swan Picnic Ground has many picnic tables, pictured here.


Swan Picnic Area playground and accessible table

The children's playground and accessible picnic table at Swans Picnic Ground.


Aquatic Drive

At the southern end of Aquatic Drive, near the Point Restaurant, there are two accessible parking spaces. Both of these parking bays are long and are the most suitable for vans and small buses with rear loading lifts.

As well as giving access to the Point Restaurant, access is also available to the lake front boardwalk. This picturesque part of the lake has great views over the sailing area and the St Kilda Road skyline. The boardwalk and trail are flat, with a hard surface from the Point to the Swan Picnic Ground.

Albert Park Lake Path going towards Swan Picnic Area

The Lake Path going towards Swan Picnic Ground on the Aquatic Drive side.

Albert Park lake path going towards the south end of the park

The Lake Path going towards the south end of the lake.

Wheelchair accessible lakeside trail at Albert Park

The lakeside trail is wheelchair accessible for the entire route. Some sections are sealed, while other sections consist of a compacted gravel surface, as shown in the above image.


Coot Picnic Ground

Access and parking

Access to the Coot Picnic Ground is via the Lakeside carpark off Aughtie Drive. There is one designated disabled bay, located at the southern side of the carpark adjacent to an access way. The bay is a standard width, but the access way provides additional loading room. Parking is free for people displaying a disabled parking permit.

Coot Picnic Area disabled parking

Some the disabled parking located close to Coot Picnic Ground.

Picnic area and playground

The picnic area contains a pavilion with four tables providing access for wheelchair users. Access to the picnic pavilion is via a hard-surfaced, fine gravel path. The distance is approximately 100 metres.

The accessible picnic table and water fountain at Coot Picnic Ground.
There are several accessible water fountains located around the lake.

Accessible information shelter at Coot Picnic Ground.


The picnic area also has a wheelchair swing and a small playground. The key for the wheelchair swing can be obtained from the Parks Victoria Office. The lake front is adjacent to the picnic area with a concrete pathway and floating jetties.

Coot Picnic Area playground

Children's playground at Coot Picnic Ground.

 Accessible liberty swing at Coot Picnic Area

Wheelchair accessible Liberty swing at Coot Picnic Ground.


Toilet facilities

Accessible toilet facilities are located halfway between the carpark and the picnic pavilion. There is one unisex accessible toilet. The toilet is raised and has side and rear grab bars. There is space for a wheelchair beside the toilet. An accessible hand basin is contained within the cubicle and there is a baby change table. ;

Coot Picnic Area toilet block

The toilet block at Coot Picnic Ground.

Coot Picnic Area accessible unisex toilet and baby change bench

Accessible unisex toilet and baby change bench in the Coot Picnic Ground toilet block.



Access and parking

The Amphitheatre is located further south on Aughtie Drive. Access is via the Carousel carpark. There are three designated disabled carparks adjacent to the restaurant building  on the southern side of the main carpark. Access to the Amphitheatre grassed area is via the northern side of the forecourt.

The Amphitheatre is a large grassed area with a central stage. The grass is hard but relatively thick. The lake side trail is wide, hard surfaced, fine gravel. There is an accessible boardwalk out over the lake in front of the Carousel Restaurant.


There is a café on the southern side of the restaurant. Ramped access is available via the southern side of the Carousel Restaurant forecourt. There are two ramps - the one closest to the carpark gives access to the lake side trail only and the one closest to the building gives access to the café.

Toilet facilities

The only accessible toilet facilities available at this location are inside the Carousel Restaurant.


Community Playground

Access and parking

The Community Playground is on the western side of Aughtie Drive. The designated disabled carparking spaces are located adjacent to the toilet block. For people with a disability,  the best access to the playground is via the asphalt path behind the toilet block next to the lawn bowls club.

The community playground is also accessible from the Middle Park light rail station. The station is fully accessible and is only a short distance from the playground.

Accessible parking at the Albert Park community playground

Designated disabled parking adjacent to the toilet block allows access to the Community Playground.


Opposite the bowling greens is a path leading to a ramped entrance to the playground.

Albert Park community playground path from carpark

Access path from the carpark to the Community Playground.

The ramp leads to a flat section in the centre of the wooden structure, allowing children with a disability to be part of the family or playgroup, or parents with a disability to supervise their children. The ramp gives access to a tiered sitting area in the centre of the playground. The path leading directly from the main carpark is not accessible.

Albert Park community playground near Aughtie Drive

The community playground.

Swings at the Albert Park community playground

The swings provided in the playground.


Accessible barbecue at Albert Park community playground

Accessible barbecue at the Community Playground.

Picnic facilities

There is a picnic pavilion just to the north of the playground, with four picnic tables that provide wheelchair roll-under access.

Picnic shelter near the Albert Park community playground

Picnic shelter just north of the Community Playground.

Toilet facilities

Fully accessible toilet facilities are located on the western side of the toilet block. These are designated male and female toilets but contain only one room. Each are identical and can be used as a unisex facility. They contain a raised toilet with wheelchair space beside it. There are side and rear grab bars and an accessible hand basin. The rooms contain a baby change table.

Toilet block at the Albert Park community playground

Toilet block next to the Community Playground. This toilet block two unisex accessible toilets.

Albert Park Community Playground accessible toilet

Unisex accessible toilet available in the toilet block at the Community Playground.


Cormorant Picnic Ground

Access and parking

Cormorant Picnic Ground is located towards the southern end of the lake. Disabled parking is available adjacent to the entrance. The carpark is sealed, and a sealed path leads to the lake edge.

Disabled parking for Cormorant and Grebe Picnic Areas

Disabled parking at the carpark for Cormorant and Grebe Picnic Grounds.

Path from the carpark to the toilets and Cormorant and Grebe Picnic Areas

Path from the carpark leading to the toilets and Cormorant and Grebe Picnic Grounds.


Picnic facilities

There is picnic pavilion available but access to it is over a grassed area. The pavilion contains four tables with access space for two wheelchair users per table. The lake side trail continues past this area and maintains its wide fine gravel surface.

Shelter at the Cormorant Picnic Area

The picnic shelter at Cormorant Picnic Ground.

Albert Park lake path near Aughtie Drive

Views of the city from the lake path on the Aughtie Drive side.


Toilet facilities

Halfway between the lake and the carpark is a toilet block. In this facility the accessible cubicles are located within the main male and female sections.

Coot Picnic Area toilet block

Toilet block for the Cormorant and Grebe Picnic Grounds.


The cubicles contain a raised toilet with side and rear right side grab bars. There is wheelchair space beside the toilet. Accessible hand basins are located outside the accessible cubicle. There is a baby change table within the accessible toilet cubicle.

Cormorant Picnic Area unisex accessible toilet

Unisex accessible toilet and baby change bench.

Cormorant Picnic Area ambulant toilet

The ambulant toilet in the Cormorant and Grebe Picnic Grounds toilet block.


Grebe Picnic Ground

The easiest access to the Grebe Picnic Ground is by using the sealed path from the Aughtie Drive carpark to the public toilets. The picnic area has an accessible barbecue, a small, accessible shelter and standard picnic tables located alongside the lake.

Grebe picnic shelter and accessible water fountain on the Lake Path

Grebe picnic shelter and accessible water fountain on the Lake Path.

Grebe Picnic Area tables and accessible barbecues

Accessible barbecue and picnic tables at Grebe Picnic Ground.


Ross Gregory Drive

At the Ross Gregory Drive end of the lake there are a few scattered picnic tables and the Albert Park fitness station. There are two designated parallel parking spaces on Ross Gregory Drive and there is an accessible viewing platform on the lake.

Albert Park fitness station

Fitness station at the Albert Park Drive end of the lake.


The Powerhouse

Access to the eastern side of the lake can be gained from the Powerhouse carpark. There are two designated disabled bays on the southern side of the carpark, each 3.6 metres wide. Access to the Lake available from here.

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