How do I find out if a Park or Waterway is managed by Parks Victoria?

Enter a park or place name into the website search bar to locate information about a particular park within Parks Victoria managed estate.

  • Safe Transport Victoria has a list of Waterway managers.
  • MapshareVic is a good resource to identify public land managers.
  • Use Google search, with the name of the park or waterway where you would like to host your event. Generally, the land manager will come up in the first few results.

If you are still unsure, please email us with a map clearly outlining where you would like to hold your event and we can advise you if your chosen location is managed by Parks Victoria.

How much does it cost to get a permit?

The permit fee can depend on a number of factors. Please refer to the Event Fee Schedule for Event permit fees, or the Fees and Charges (Schedule 5) for Filming and Photography permit fees. Both fee schedule's are available on the fees and charges page.

Alternatively, you can request cost information by using the ‘comments’ section of the online application form.

Also see the filming and photography application guidelines for more information, including the filming and photography permit application form.


What’s included in the permit?

The permit is a formal authorization from Parks Victoria for a regulated activity to occur on Parks Victoria Managed estate. The permit outlines any conditions that apply to your activity and park.

Can I pay the late fee to have my application processed quicker?

We currently do not have the capacity to accept late applications. Please refer to the Parks Victoria website for more information on the appropriate application submission time periods.

My event is for charity, can I apply for fee relief?

Parks Victoria’s Fee Schedule includes a heavily discounted Community Event Permit Fee. This fee applies to events where all net proceeds from the event are distributed to a charity.

For more information please refer to the Fee Schedule on the fees and charges page. Once you’ve submitted an event or filming application, a member of the team will review your application and give you a quote.

Can I serve alcohol at my event?

You must seek permission from Parks Victoria if you want to serve or sell alcohol at your event, prior to obtaining a Liquor License. Please submit a red line map outlining the area where you propose to have alcohol service.

What form do I fill out if my event/filming is on both Parks Victoria managed land and water?

If your event has both a land and a water component (and both the land and water are managed by Parks Victoria) please fill out the application form which relates to the core event sites and/or activities. Please supply maps that represent both the land and water elements. If your event will impact both the land and water equally, please complete both the Bays and Waterways event permit online application form and the Parks and Reserves event permit online application form and submit with all required supporting documents.

Do I get a refund if I cancel my event?

If an event is cancelled for any reason, the event organiser must notify Parks Victoria as soon as possible. The following refund schedule applies:

When cancellation advice is provided:

  • 30 days or more prior to the commencement of the Permit Period, 100% of the Permit Fee will be refunded.
  • 8 ‐ 30 days prior to the commencement of the Permit Period, 85% of the Permit Fee will be refunded.
  • 4 ‐ 7 days prior to the commencement of the Permit Period, 50% of the Permit Fee will be refunded.
  • 0 ‐ 3 days prior to the commencement of the Permit Period, no refund of the Permit Fee will be provided.

What happens if it rains?

Please ensure that you have considered all types of weather when planning an event, filming or another organised activity. The organiser should ensure that contingency plans are in place. Parks Victoria allows organisers to book a weather hold date for some locations. High use parks such as Albert Park and Werribee Park are unable to accommodate weather hold dates.

Is $10 million enough for public liability insurance?

Parks Victoria requires the minimum liability cover of AUD$20 million. A certificate of currency for less than AUD$20 million will not be accepted.

Who is responsible for collecting rubbish generated by the event?

Event organisers are responsible for removing all litter generated by the event from the gardens.


Filming and Photography

Can I get an annual permit to take photos when I want?

Multiple dates and parks can be nominated on one application form and issued as one permit; however Parks Victoria cannot issue an annual permit without specific activity dates. We encourage applicants to add weather hold dates to the permit application form. See “What happens if it rains?” for more information on weather hold dates.


Parks and Reserves

Can I reserve a specific barbecue or picnic ground?

Facilities such as picnic shelters and BBQ areas within Parks Victoria managed estate cannot be booked for exclusive use. All facilities are available to all visitors on a first in first served basis.

Do I need a permit to have a food truck or coffee van?

Yes, to include a commercial vendor or food truck at your event you will require a permit.



Can we have confetti and decorations?

Confetti, rice, balloon releases and rose/flower petals are not permitted to be distributed within Parks Victoria managed estate. No decorations are to be attached, pinned or glued to any building, structure or tree.

Do you have chairs for hire?

Parks Victoria do not provide items for hire for events.

Does the infrastructure fee apply if we have an arbor, table or chairs?

Some items such as a standard size arbor, signing table and guest chairs may not attract the infrastructure fee, which is additional to the permit administration fee. You can request detailed cost information by using the ‘comments’ section of the online application form.

Do we need public liability insurance?

Most organised activities undertaken on the Parks Victoria estate require public liability insurance. If you are unsure whether your wedding requires this, please email your enquiry to and the Customer Support Team can assist you.

Do you allow music?

Music may be permitted depending on the location. Please indicate in your online permit application form whether music is proposed as part of your activity.

Can Parks Victoria help organise my ceremony?

Parks Victoria does not play a role in organising ceremonies. The event organiser is responsible for arranging celebrants, photographers and infrastructure such as chairs and signage.


Weddings at Werribee Park

Can I book the rotunda at Werribee Park?

The rotunda can be requested as the wedding ceremony site at the Victoria State Rose Garden, however, an event permit doesn’t grant exclusive use of the rotunda.

Where can I take my wedding photos?

All available areas of the Rose Garden and formal gardens at Werribee Park are available for photography. Photography on the Werribee Mansion exterior steps and arches is prohibited during mansion opening hours. Clear pathways must be maintained for visitors and other bridal parties.

Can I take my wedding photos inside Werribee Mansion?

Yes, during a booked half hour time slot. A wedding photography booking for inside the mansion provides exclusive use of the main hallway, grand staircase, salon and first floor landing. Please refer to the Werribee Park section of the Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Photography and filming permit application guidelines for the online application form, including available time slots.

Can we drive the wedding car to the ceremony site?

No wedding cars or guest vehicles are permitted in the gardens of Werribee Park. Vehicle parking is available in the main carpark.

Why is the quote for wedding filming and photography at Werribee Park more than on the general filming and photography application form?

Werribee Park provides an expansive manicured landscape which Parks Victoria maintain to the highest possible standard. This level of maintenance comes at a higher cost to Parks Victoria than many other sites.


Weddings at Dandenong Ranges Gardens

How long can I have for my ceremony?

Your 2-hour booking includes set up, arrival of guests and wedding party, ceremony, photos in surrounding gardens, departure of guests and bridal party and removal of decorations, etc. Your booking time cannot be extended, even if you arrive late. As all venues are locked promptly at 5.00pm, please ensure your guests, photographer and celebrant are aware of the timeline and have left the gardens prior to closing.

Bookings are taken for weddings between 10:00 am and 2:30 pm.

Weddings may be booked 7-days a week, except Christmas Day. All bookings are subject to changes by management due to special circumstances such as capital works, special events or any unforeseen circumstances.

How long can I have for wedding photography?

Your 1-hour booking includes arrival of bridal party, photos in surrounding gardens and departure of bridal party.

Your booking time will not be extended, even if you arrive late.

Bookings are taken for wedding photography between 10am and 3:30 pm.

Will ceremonies and photography go ahead if it is a Total Fire Ban?

All garden venues will be closed on days of Extreme and Catastrophic Fire Danger Rating, some Severe Weather warnings, or the declaration of a Total Fire Ban. In these situations, you will be fully refunded.

Are vehicles allowed access to the gardens?

No. Vehicles (including bridal vehicles) are strictly prohibited from entering any garden property. Vehicles must remain within designated public car parks. Site visits are recommended at all gardens, prior to booking, so you can select the most suitable location for your wedding party and guests.

Please choose your site carefully as some are not accessible or suitable for people with limited mobility.

Can I have the reception in the gardens?

An additional permit is required for a reception within the gardens. All gardens are locked promptly at 5pm. Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden provides a third-party operated indoor function venue – Mist @ Olinda.

Can I have a picnic/gathering after the 2-hour ceremony?

Yes. As with all visitors, they may ‘picnic’ within the gardens if there is no prior wedding/event booking for that site. Any commercial catering requires an additional event permit.

At Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden, after the 2-hour ceremony, the bridal party and guests must leave the wedding carpark and park within the main carpark, for re-entry via the main gates.

If parked at Alfred Nicholas Memorial Garden, George Tindale Memorial Garden, Pirianda Garden or the RJ Hamer Arboretum, cars will not need to be moved.

Can I serve alcohol and finger food to the guests while I have my photos done?

Yes, self-catering only (commercial catering requires additional event permit).

Can the guests toast the married couple?

Yes, we allow an informal toast. All rubbish must be removed.

How many car parks are available for each site?

Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden Wedding carpark – 40 exclusive spaces approximately 1.5 km past main gate.

Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden Main carpark – 80 spaces in two main public carparks.

Pirianda Garden – 30 spaces approximately in the public carpark at the entrance.

Alfred Nicholas Memorial Garden – 50 spaces in public carpark on Sherbrooke Road.

George Tindale Memorial Garden – 15 spaces approximately at the entrance in the public carpark.

RJ Hamer Arboretum – 40 spaces approximately in public carpark.

Which gardens have access to power supply?

Only the Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden at its Serenity Point or Camellia Garden locations.

Do you allow animals in the gardens for ceremonies or photography?

Dogs are permitted on leads in most gardens, but not permitted within the Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden.

Extreme Fire and Weather Conditions.

On Extreme and Catastrophic Fire Danger Rating days or declared Total Fire Ban days, the gardens will be closed for public safety and your wedding will not be able to proceed. The decision to close the Dandenong Ranges Gardens is made in accordance with the park’s Emergency Management Plan. In these instances, Parks Victoria will refund your permit.

Total Fire Bans are normally declared by 5pm on the day before a ban but can be declared or revoked at any time. It is recommended that you check the CFA website for latest information.

Parks Victoria recommends you consider alternative arrangements in case of an Extreme, Catastrophic Fire Danger Rating or Total Fire Ban day, or a day with Severe Weather Warning.


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