Land Management Strategy

The Land Management Strategy sets out long-term directions, priorities and outcomes for the protection, management and use of Parks Victoria managed land for the next 10 years.

The Parks Victoria Land Management Strategy 2022, the first state-wide document prepared under the Parks Victoria Act (2018), sets out a clear vision, long‑term strategies and priorities for the protection, management and use of terrestrial, coastal and marine parks and reserves managed by Parks Victoria and jointly managed with Traditional Owners. It will be reviewed every 10 years.

Download the Land Management Strategy (PDF)

Context for the Land Management Strategy

The Parks Victoria Act 2018 Section 38(1) requires preparation of a Land Management Strategy to set out the general long-term directions, strategies and priorities for the protection, management and use of the terrestrial, coastal and marine parks and reserves managed by Parks Victoria.

The Land Management Strategy underpins planning and management of our parks to achieve consistency across the state and sets out priorities for partners, stakeholders and community. It will be used to respond to key future challenges and opportunities – including climate change, population growth, changing community needs, increased visitation, and managing invasive pest species.

The Land Management Strategy seeks to support a self-determination approach for Traditional Owners whose skills, knowledge and activities have transformed this landscape over many thousands of years. Parks Victoria will work in partnership with Traditional Owners to restore and care for healthy cultural landscapes in all aspects of park management. Many parks are managed in a partnership between Traditional Owners and the Victorian Government and more will be managed this way in the future.

The Land Management Strategy has been prepared with input from Traditional Owner partners and extensive consultation with a wide range of interested community and stakeholder groups and individuals.

Land Management Strategy Themes

The LMS comprises three key elements, being: the aspiration for the parks estate; principles to guide park management; and eight themes with outcomes and priorities for implementation that respond to the opportunities and challenges facing the parks estate.

  • Managing Country together
  • Protecting Victoria’s natural riches
  • Adapting to climate change
  • Enriching the visitor experience
  • Managing the landscape through partnerships
  • Recognising connections to place
  • Contributing to the visitor economy
  • Managing infrastructure and operations
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