Corner Inlet Marine National Park


Corner Inlet Marine National Park

Tucked behind the northern section of Wilsons Promontory, Corner Inlet Marine National Park (1,150 ha) sits within the sheltered waters of Corner Inlet. Corner Inlet is the most easterly, and consequently the warmest, of Victoria's large embayments.     

Corner Inlet Marine National Park is made up of two separate portions with a channel between them. Granite Island borders the boundary of the northern section while Bennison Island borders the boundary of the southern section.  

The park protects a wide variety of marine habitats ranging from deep channels to extensive shallow seagrass beds, tidal sand and mud flats, sandy beaches, and some rocky reefs, mangroves and saltmarsh. 

Corner Inlet is the only place in Victoria where the Broad-leaved Seagrass (posidonia australis) forms large meadows including within the Marine National Park. Seagrass beds are a crucial habitat as a nursery for many important recreational and commercial fish species, in stabilising the sediment, and in providing shelter and food for many other creatures.  

Corner Inlet Marine National Park support healthy populations of seafloor animals and plants that are rare or absent elsewhere in Victoria. Animals in the park include a range of large crabs, multicoloured seastars, sea snails, tiny iridescent squid, and many fish including Pipefish, Stingarees, Flathead, Whiting, and Flounder all live within the seagrass.  

Corner Inlet Marine National Park also supports large numbers of migratory wader birds The park is especially significant for over-wintering migratory wading birds and supports 20 per cent of Victoria’s total wader population. The park forms part of the Corner Inlet Ramsar Site and is recognised as a wetland of international significance under the Ramsar Convention and is part of the East Asian-Australasian Flyway for migratory wader birds.  

These tranquil waters provide an excellent setting for a range of boat based recreational activities from power boating, sailing, to canoeing and kayaking. Beneath the water snorkellers and divers can experience a diverse range of marine life within the seagrass community.  

Things To Do


Snorkelling and diving at Corner Inlet

While not easy to access, Corner Inlet Marine National Park provides a very interesting place to snorkel or dive with many species that live within the large seagrass beds. The shallow channels often have marine animals normally found in deeper water.

Sea kayaking at Corner Inlet

Sea kayaks provide an ideal way to explore the mostly tranquil waters of Corner Inlet Marine National Park. Make a day of it with campsites available at Tin Mine Cove at nearby Wilson Promontory National Park.



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How to get there

Corner Inlet Marine National Park

Corner Inlet Marine National Park is most accessible by boat from Port Welshpool, around 3 hours’ drive from Melbourne via the South Gippsland Highway, or via the northern section of Wilson Promontory National Park walking tracks.   

When to go

For birdwatchers, this is the best time of year to observe the thousands of migratory shorebirds that flock to Corner Inlet from the northern hemisphere to feed in the rich mudflats and seagrass meadows in the park.  

Need to know

Corner Inlet Marine National Park

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