Ninety Mile Beach Marine National Park


Ninety Mile Beach Marine National Park

This park is a fantastic place to visit for nature walks as the beaches are long and beautiful. Visitors also enjoy swimming, surfing and boating in the area. Snorkelling and diving will introduce people to an underwater world very different to many of Victoria’s other Marine Protected Areas.

Beneath the water, vast plains of sand stretch in every direction. However, the sand is not as monotonous as it may appear; wave action and currents sort sand particles into different groups and layers whilst surface features, such as mounds and ripples, are a result of animal and wave action. The coast does not have any rocky headlands or platforms, and offshore there are only a few ribbons of reef which are periodically covered by sand. These formed as shorelines or sand dunes during ice-ages when the sea level was lower than today.

The huge subtidal sandy expanses characteristic of the area, are teeming with marine life. In fact, they are known to have one of the highest species diversity levels of any place on the planet, with 860 species discovered within 10 square meters. These sand dwelling critters can include tube building worms, small molluscs and many tiny crustaceans.

Larger animals are less common, but octopuses, brittle stars, crabs and an unusual coral species can be found. You may also see a Stargazer peering up at you from the sand or many pelagic (free-swimming) fish species feeding on the smorgasbord of tiny animals within the sand. Young Great White Sharks can be found in the area chasing snapper, one of their favourite foods.

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Beaches in Ninety Mile Beach

This is one of the most natural and unspoilt beaches in the world. The beach lies on the edge of a long slender sand dune with an uninterrupted vista of endless sand that stretches as far as the eye can see.
Divers underwater

Diving in Ninety Mile Beach

Beneath the waters, the marine national park's sand plains harbour a vast array of marine life. Strap on a mask and dive or snorkel here to see some of Victoria's iconic marine life.



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How to get there

Ninety Mile Beach Marine National Park

250km east of Melbourne, Ninety Mile Beach Marine National Park can be reached from the South Gippsland Highway via Seaspray.

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Ninety Mile Beach Marine National Park

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