Yaringa Marine National Park


Yaringa Marine National Park

Yaringa Marine National Park  (776ha) is Victoria’s smallest Marine National Park  and is located in a sheltered corner in the northwest of Western Port in Watsons Inlet between Watsons Creek and Quail Island. 

The park is only accessible by boat and is a part of special protection areas that cover Western Port including the Western Port Ramsar site. The park includes large areas of  mangroves and saltmarshes that are of high value for roosting and feeding for seabirds and shorebirds.

The main habitats protected by the sanctuary include those that depend on soft sediments including mangroves, saltmarsh, mudflats and seagrass communities. More than 82 per cent of the park is intertidal. 

Around one third of the park is covered by saltmarsh that is of state signficance while  mangroves make up another third of the park and include some of the largest White Mangroves (Avicennia marina) remaining in Victoria. The mangrove fringes are inhabited by crabs and at high tide fish such as gobies, mullet, and toadfish.

The park also includes extensive intertidal and subtidal seagrass beds that provide important habitat for grazing invertebrates including many molluscs, crustaceans, polychaetes and crabs. Seagrasses also provide important nursery areas for many fish including a number of recreationally and commercially targeted specvies such as King George Whiting.  

Large intertidal flats of unvegetated mud and sand as well as seagrass areas support many invertebrates and these provde an important food resource for the many migratory shorebird species that use the park.

Things To Do

The tip of a boat on blue water. Some land covered in algae revealed in low tide.

Boating in Yaringa

The park can be easily explored from the nearby Yaringa Boat Harbour where small boats can be hired.
A pelican on the water at the Lakes National Park in Gippsland.

Birdwatching in Yaringa

The mudflats within Yaringa Marine National Park provide important feeding areas for a wide range of wader birds including many migratory species.



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How to get there

Yaringa Marine National Park

Yaringa Marine National Park is located in the north west of Western Port Bay about 9km south-west of the township of Tooradin on the South Gippsland Highway.

When to go

Escape summer crowds at the beach by taking a boat from Yaringa Boat Harbour to explore this special park. 

Need to know

Yaringa Marine National Park

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