Cape Conran Coastal Park Bushfire Recovery

Project status

Last updated: August 2023


Cape Conran Roofed Accommodation Project

Parks Victoria received advice from First Peoples – State Relations (FP-SR) that the works at Cape Conran may have impacted on a registered Aboriginal place and that additional artefacts have been re-discovered during the construction. The artefacts found were surface scatters of stone that are the material remains of past Aboriginal people’s activities in the area.

We ceased works immediately to ensure that there was no further potential for harm to Aboriginal cultural values at this site and received advice from FP-SR about options to recommence work in compliance with our obligations under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006.

The pathway to recommencing construction work at Cape Conran is the preparation of a Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP). This is currently underway. Field work is currently taking place and approval of the CHMP is expected by February 2024.

Learn more about the Cape Conran Roofed Accommodation Project.


East Cape Boardwalk replacement

Boardwalk works are currently suspended due to concerns that cultural heritage was impacted by works occurring outside of the conditions of the works heritage permit. A new permit that better protects heritage during works, and changes to boardwalk features to better protect heritage in the long term, has been developed with Traditional Owners. 

East Cape Boardwalk extension

Parks Victoria has proposed extending the boardwalk to create new sections of track and improve overall accessibility of the walk. The heritage impacts of the proposal are being reviewed as part of the wider Cultural Heritage Management Plan at Cape Conran Coastal Park. The proposal will proceed to design and construction only if potential heritage impacts can be successfully managed.



Yeerung Bridge

Yeerung River bridge sustained significant damage during the April 2022 flood event and is currently closed to vehicles and only open for pedestrian access. Parks Victoria has completed detailed engineering assessment of the structure and, with support from the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action, we are working to establish requirements for reinstatement or removal and rebuild of the bridge. 


Yeerung Lookout

The first stage of Yeerung Lookout works has been completed, with demolition to mitigate safety concerns associated with the storm damaged structure. A concept design to relocate the lookout has been completed and approvals have been obtained. 



Water from Marlo to Conran and shared path

This project was originally scoped to install water and sewer pipelines, and a shared path connecting Cape Conran to Marlo.

East Gippsland Water will deliver the water and sewer assets which are currently going through design.

Parks Victoria and East Gippsland Shire Council are working through the requirements and feasibility for the Marlo to Conran shared path.



Cape Conran Activity Centre

The design is complete on the Cape Conran Activity Centre. Works will proceed when the Cultural Heritage Management Plan is approved.



Cape Conran Office

The office construction will recommence when the Cultural Heritage Management Plan is approved.



Walking tracks at Cape Conran Coastal Park

All walking tracks are now open except for a section of the Nature Trail between Cowrie Bay and Joiners Channel. Dense revegetation and frequent flooding of this site requires a machinery to reopen the closed section of the track. A cultural heritage assessment is being completed before this work can be undertaken.



Interpretive signage for Activity Centre, Office and walking tracks

Planning is continuing for replacing interpretive signs at the office, Activity Centre and along two walking tracks at the park.



Banksia Bluff campground


Works to rectify bushfire damage at the campground are complete and Banksia Bluff Campground is open for bookings. As part of these works, we reinstated 135 campsites, upgraded the accessibility of two outdoor showers and installed three accessible toilet facilities. 



The project

The Black Summer bushfires of 2019-20 heavily impacted Cape Conran Coastal Park and destroyed three cabins and all five wilderness retreats. Parks Victoria is replacing and upgrading the lost accommodation and visitor facilities to enhance visitors’ experiences of this gem on the Victorian coast. 



Project timeline

Roofed accommodation and associated projects: the CHMP is expected to be approved by February 2024
East Cape Boardwalk replacement: Subject to First People-State Relations endorsing the new permit, works are planned to recommence in late July 2023 and be complete by the end of the year.
Yeerung Lookout: Works to replace the lookout will be tendered mid-July with the aim of completing work by the end of 2023. 
The timelines of other components of this recovery program will be updated as information becomes available.

Environmental management

Cape Conran Coastal Park has 11 ecological vegetation communities and is home to 41 mammal species and 170 species of birds, including the White-Bellied Sea Eagle. Parks Victoria has carried out a fauna and flora assessment to ensure the project does not impact on any habitat protection zones. In order to achieve compliance with the bushfire assessment and to improve access, some trees have needed to be removed from the site. 



Who we’re working with

While there is no Registered Aboriginal Party (RAP) for the park, there are several Traditional Owner groups that have a connection to the area. Throughout the works at Cape Conran Coastal park  we have consulted with representatives from the Gunaikurnai, Monaro, Bidwell and Monaro/Ngarigo and Biduelli First Nations groups.


Access changes

The Cape Conran Coastal Park including the Banksia Bluff Campground will be open throughout the construction period. Visit Cape Conran Roofed Accommodation Project for more information about access changes around the construction are when the works begin.


Project funding

Victorian Government Gippsland Tourism Recovery Package: $3.5 million

Victorian Government bushfire recovery funding: $13.1 million

Approximately $9 million insurance funds.


Other information

For more information on what there is to see and do at Cape Conran Coastal Park, please visit the Cape Conran Coastal Park page.

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