Entry to Brimbank Park is via Keilor Park Drive, which is off the Western Ring Road in East Keilor. Before visiting Brimbank Park, check the park page on the website for the latest changes of conditions.

Picnic Area A

Parking and access (car park A)

Picnic Area A has a large, sealed car park catering for over 100 vehicles. In the car park there is a parking bay for large buses located within a few metres of the entrance to the All Abilities Playscape. There are five standard size designated disabled parking bays in the car park, and these are also located within a few metres of the playscape entrance. The parking bays are designed for both side and rear disembarking passengers.

Brimbank Park disabled parking at Park Drive next to the playscape

Disabled parking in main car park on Park Drive, located adjacent to the main entrance to the All Abilities Playscape.


Brimbank Park bus parking area near the playscape main entrance

Bus parking area also adjacent to the main entrance to the All Abilities Playscape.


All Abilities Playscape

The All Abilities Playscape is an inclusive playground that provides a range of experiences for young children with a range of abilities. The playground design embraces several themes which focus on the Indigenous and European history of the land where Brimbank Park is located. The playground has a range of design features making it suitable and enjoyable for children with physical, cognitive and /or sensory disabilities.

The playground includes swings, catering for both younger and older children with physical disabilities, a hammock, an accessible sand pit, interactive and colourful murals, a “build it yourself cubby house” and many other exciting features. There are a range of tactile circular paths and animal sculptures that children can explore. There is signage in Braille and Auslan throughout the playground and an accessible water fountain. For seating there is bench style seating scattered throughout the playground.

Brimbank Park all abilities playscape swings
Brimbank Park all abilities playscape hammock
Circular paths in the Brimbank Park all abilities playscape 
Brimbank Park all abilities playscape sandpit 
Path to the all abilities playscape at Brimbank Park  
Brimbank Park all abilities playscape tree cubby 
Brimbank Park all abilities playscape Platypus 
Brimbank Park playscape build your own cubby 

Children’s play equipment and activities in the All Abilities Playscape.


There is a café located approximately 50 metres from All Abilities Playscape. General access is via a sealed path through the playground. The café is located in a large building complex that also includes public toilets, a large function room, a ranger information desk and ranger offices. There is limited parking close to the café, consisting of three designated disabled car parking bays designed for side and rear disembarking passengers. These bays can be accessed by taking the 10km/hr speed limited service road, through the shared playground zone leading to the cafe.

There are two picnic tables outside the front of the café with overhang space at their ends for wheelchairs or strollers. The café entrance has large outward swinging doors (94cm opening for each door) making wheelchair access very easy. There is a small lip at the doorway entrance which maybe a problem for wheelchairs and strollers with small wheels. Once inside the foyer area of the building there is ample room for manoeuvrability and access to the café counter and seating. At the back of the café there is also outdoor seating which is under cover.

Brimbank Park disabled parking near the cafe 

Disabled parking located near the café.


Brimbank Park cafe front entrance 

Front entrance to the café and this entrance has ample width for wheelchair and stroller access.

Outdoor tables at the rear of the cafe at Brimbank Park 

The rear of the café has a range of outdoor tables that are accessible from the outside sealed path.


Toilets in café building complex

There are designated separate women’s and men’s toilets in the café building complex. These can be accessed from inside the building or externally and are not accessible for wheelchairs. There is a separate unisex accessible toilet located in the building complex and this toilet can only be accessed externally. Access is by going around the side of the building. The accessible toilet has an outward swinging door and an entrance of approximately 750mm wide. The toilet cubicle is approximately 2.7 metres wide 1.8 metres deep. The toilet has grab railing on the left side and there is the option of having a removable railing on the right side also. There is a vanity basin with lever style taps. The vanity is quite low (approx. 69 cm from floor) and has underneath space best suited for children in wheelchairs. Near the entrance to the accessible toilet is an accessible water fountain.

The unisex accessible toilet at the Brimbank Park cafe  

The vanity in the accessible toilet at the cafe at Brimbank Park

Unisex accessible toilet and vanity located in the building complex and accessible from outside the building.


There are a number of park walks that start behind the café and these are well suited for visitors in wheelchairs and strollers, due to being wide and sealed. These paths eventually connect to the Brimbank River Walk which is relatively flat and also sealed. There may be some challenges for wheelchair users when returning back up the connecting paths to the café building and main car park, due to some steep sections.

Brimbank Park river trail




Brimbank Park sealed path from the river trail to the cafe

Brimbank River Trail and one of the connecting sealed paths leading from the River Trail back to the café.

Dodd Homestead at Brimbank Park 

The walk to the Dodd Homestead can be accessed on the sealed path alongside the rear of the café. There are some hilly sections on this path with an approximate gradient of 1:12.


Picnic facilities - picnic area A

Around Car Park A at Brimbank Park there are a range of outdoor picnic sites for visitors to choose from. Most of these are located on the grass area and consist of picnic tables with gas barbecues nearby. There are also some rotundas with picnic tables scattered through the park. To access the rotunda in the picture below, there is a sealed path leading from the carpark. For most other facilities, visitors are required to walk from the car park over the grassed areas to the picnic sites. Most of the picnic tables under the rotundas are not designed for wheelchair access.

Brimbank Park Picnic Area A barbecues 

Brimbank Park Picnic Area A rotunda

Barbecues and rotunda in picnic area A.


There is a toilet block that services the picnic area. This consists of designated male and female toilets and an accessible toilet. There is a sealed path that leads from the car park to these toilets but the path is quite steep, particularly if you are coming from the picnic area.

Brimbank Park Picnic Area A toilet block 

Brimbank Park Picnic Area A accessible toilet

Toilet amenities servicing picnic area A.


Picnic Area B

Access and parking

Picnic Area B is located approximately 500 metres from Picnic Area A. This can be accessed by vehicle to the carpark, or via the connecting scoria trail allowing wheelchair access. This trail, beginning beside the giant platypus, is relatively flat but does have a descending slope down to carpark B. There is a large car park that accommodates approximately 120 cars for this picnic area. There is one designated disabled parking bays which are designed for rear disembarking. These are located a few metres from the toilet block which services Picnic Area B.

Brimbank Park Picnic Area B disabled parking near the toilets 

Accessible parking located near toilet facilities that service picnic area B.


Toilet facilities

The toilet block consists of designated men’s and women’s toilets and a separate unisex accessible toilet.

Brimbank Park Picnic Area B unisex accessible toilet 

Unisex accessible toilet in the toilet facilities.


Picnic facilities

Behind the toilet block is a 50-metre sealed path that leads down to the lawn area where the picnic tables and smaller children’s playground are located. The path has a gradient of approximately 1:14 and the track surface is crumbly in sections. There is a second accessible path that leads down to the picnic area located at the other end of the car park in the Maribyrnong River direction. The picnic tables are located on an open grass area and some picnic tables are located under rotundas. There are also gas barbecues located near some of the picnic tables.

Brimbank Park Picnic Area B ramp to picnic tables on lawn area 

The 50-metre sealed ramp that leads down to the lawn area where the picnic tables and small children’s playground are located.


Shelter 2 at carpark B at Brimbank Park Picnic Area B  

Brimbank Park Picnic Area B playground

Picnic Shelter 2 and children’s playground at picnic area B.


On the other side of the car park there are more picnic tables located under a long shelter, serviced by a gas barbeque. These are very close to the car park making them easy to access for wheelchairs and strollers.

Brimbank Park Picnic Area B disabled parking near shelter 1 

Disabled parking bay outside picnic shelter 1 in picnic area B.

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