Maroondah Reservoir Park is located in Healesville and is accessible from the Maroondah Highway. 
Before visiting, check the park page on the website for the latest changes of conditions.

Facilities at Maroondah Reservoir Park are extensive and include several picnic rotundas, gas and wood fired barbecues, picnic tables scattered throughout the garden area, a children’s playground and an information shelter. The accessibility of picnic tables varies depending on location and design. They can be found both in the open and under rotundas.

Maroondah Reservoir Park picnic tables and shelter

Picnic tables and shelter

Maroondah Reservoir barbecue and picnic tables

Barbecue and picnic tables


Rose Steps Rotunda and Ibis Rotunda



The main carpark is close to most of the picnic facilities. It is unsealed with a surface of compacted, medium-size gravel.  The carpark is subject to regular storm damage which can make it challenging for small wheeled strollers or wheelchairs. 

The main carpark accommodates approximately 40 vehicles, although individual parking bays are not marked. There is sufficient parking space for large buses or coaches. Four designated disabled parking bays are indicated by parking bay signs. 

Two of the designated disabled parking bays are located near the decommissioned kiosk. This section of the carpark is sloped, and therefore, not ideal for loading vehicles. The other two disabled carparks are located close to the Information Shelter. There is ample space for loading vehicles in the bottom section of the main carpark where it is more level and closer to the picnic facilities. 

Information shelter

The Information Shelter is located near the bottom of the main car park. Access is via a short path on a level compacted earth/crushed rock surface. The shelter has a solid, level paved surface and there is enough room under the shelter for strollers and wheelchairs to manoeuvre.

Information shelter at Maroondah Reservoir

Information shelter at Maroondah Reservoir

Picnic facilities and playground

Rose Steps Rotunda

The most accessible rotunda in the park is the Rose Steps Rotunda. It contains five picnic tables on a level concrete slab. One of the tables is specifically designed for wheelchairs, with no bench seating. Two gas barbecues are situated close to the rotunda on a level and solid surface. Access to the rotunda from the Information Shelter is along an 80-metre path, which consists of reasonably level compacted gravel. Vehicles can also get close to the rotunda via a service road for loading and unloading. The Rose Steps Rotunda is close to accessible toilets and to the dam spillway viewing area. 

Rose Steps Rotunda

Rose Steps Rotunda


Ibis Rotunda

The Ibis Rotunda is located on the other side of the main carpark. Access from the carpark is via the lawn area which is reasonably level and solid most of the year. The rotunda has five picnic tables situated on a level concrete slab. The tables are open at the ends for wheelchairs and strollers, but do not have roll under ends. There are gas barbecues with lids close to the rotunda, which can be accessed by crossing the lawn.

Ibis Rotunda

Ibis Rotunda and main barbecue area nearby

Children's playground

The children’s playground is designed for young children and consists of a large sandpit, small slides and some miniature buildings for children to play in.  The playground is best accessed from the main carpark via a compacted gravel path. This path has some gentle slopes in sections with gradients no steeper than 1:14. There is limited inclusive playground equipment in this playground area.

Children's playground at Maroondah Reservoir

Children's playground


The Rose Steps toilets are located just off the path that leads from the Information Shelter to the Rose Stairway. These toilets are close to the Rose Steps Rotunda and are the most accessible of the three toilet blocks in the park.

Within the block there are male and female toilets and an accessible, unisex toilet.  The accessible toilet contains a change area with a bench seat located behind the entrance door. The cubicle can be accessed via the change area through a sliding door. Both the toilet entrance and sliding door are approximately 830mm wide. There is sufficient room for manoeuvring in the toilet cubicle. There is a vertical grab rail on one side of the toilet and horizontal grab rail behind the toilet. There is also a washbasin with a cold water tap with a turn style knob.


Unisex accessible toilet at Rose Steps, Maroondah

Unisex accessible toilet

Vanity in Rose Steps toilets at Maroondah Reservoir

Vanity in Rose Steps toilet


Henderson's Picnic Area


There are several small vehicle parking areas throughout Henderson’s Picnic Area. These are on level ground and are compacted gravel in most instances. There are no designated disabled parking bays in this area.

Picnic facilities

The Watts River Rotunda is in the Henderson Picnic Area.  Access from the car park is by crossing the lawn. The rotunda has picnic tables that are open ended, but do not have roll under ends. Access to the nearby gas barbecues and wood fired barbecues is by crossing the lawn. 

Watts River Rotunda and barbecue area

 Watts River Rotunda and barbecue area



The toilet block at Henderson’s Picnic Area consists of separate male and female toilets. There is no unisex accessible toilet in this block. Access to the toilets is from either the Henderson carpark or by following a rough gravel path from the children’s playground. Rails have been installed in two toilet cubicles in both the male and female toilets. The toilet cubicles have insufficient space for manoeuvring a wheelchair and the door width is also very narrow at 820mm wide. The toilet washbasins are in a spacious area and have a roll under feature enabling wheelchairs or strollers to get close to the taps.

Toilets with grab railings at Henderson's Picnic Area

Toilet cubicles with grab railings

Vanity basins at Henderson's toilet block

Vanity basins at Henderson's toilet block


Maroondah Dam Wall


Vehicles with disabled parking permits can access the dam wall via a service road. To access the service road, turn right at the ‘Authorised Vehicles Only’ sign after coming through the park entrance.

Maroondah Reservoir Park service road entrance

Service road entrance for access to the dam wall for vehicles with disabled parking permits

At the dam wall there is a rotunda and enough sealed parking for several vehicles. Within a few metres of the carpark, there is an accessible viewing area of the dam. The walk along the dam wall is also accessible, but views of the dam are limited if seated in a wheelchair or stroller, due to the dam’s concrete safety barrier.


Accessible platform viewing are at Maroondah Dam

Accessible platform and dam viewing area

Maroondah Reservoir dam wall and concrete barrier

Concrete safety barrier at the top of the dam wall


Maroondah Dam spillway

Water can be seen cascading down the dam spillway after extended heavy rainfall. The viewing area can be reached from the main carpark on a relatively flat path that has a compacted surface.

Maroondah Dam spillway viewing area

Dam spillway viewing area

Lyrebird Rotunda


The Lyrebird Rotunda is located near the top car park. The top car park at Maroondah Reservoir Park is small and is situated on a significant slope. This is not well suited for those who use wheelchairs or walking frames.

Picnic facilities

Access for wheelchairs and strollers is poor due to the steepness of the car park and the gradient of the path leading to the Rotunda.



All abilities access

Visiting a park can be more of a challenge for people with disabilities, however, in Victoria, there are a wide range of facilities to help people of all abilities enjoy our wonderful parks around the state.

TrailRider Dandenong Ranges National Park

Motorised TrailRider chairs are available to book at Dandenong Ranges National Park, Grants on Sherbrooke Restaurant at Grants Picnic Area, phone (03) 9755 2888.

All-terrain wheelchairs

TrailRider all-terrain wheelchairs are available in a number of Victoria's, enabling visitors with limited mobility to access more rugged walking trails and sites.
A young girl walking on a winding balance beam with children and families playing in the background at Yabby Hill Playscape

Autism friendly visits

Social script resources for children on the autism spectrum are available for Brimbank Park, Buchan Caves, Jells Park, Serendip Sanctuary and Wilsons Prom.

Assistance dogs in parks

Assistance dogs are welcome in Parks Victoria parks and reserves. Entry requirements apply for parks and reserves that are usually dog prohibited, such as national parks.
A vision impaired woman and friend inspecting a large, old tree at Valley Picnic Ground

Walk in the Park program

The Walk in the Park program provides group walks in selected parks in Melbourne, Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula for visitors who are blind or vision impaired. The program also provides organised group camps in some of Victoria’s iconic national parks.
A family plays at the Brimbank Playscape

Brimbank Park Playscape

A haven for creative play, Brimbank Park Playscape was designed to create opportunities for children of all abilities, including those in wheelchairs.
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