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Pound Bend Reserve


The Pound Bend Reserve has two car park areas. The one to the right upon entry to the park has the only toilet facilities for the park. This includes an accessible unisex cubicle. The second car park on the left gives access to the canoe launching facility and the Pound Bend Tunnel Walk. There are no marked disabled parking bays in either car park. The bays are marked by raised wooden sleepers. If wheelchair access is required, parking adjacent to the path to the toilet block provides a loading area next to the vehicle. The surface of the car park is hard-packed road base.

Warrandyte Pound Bend Reserve Carpark   Warrandyte Pound Bend Reserve Carpark

Pound Bend car park and path leading to the toilet block


The best access to the toilet facilities is from halfway down the car park where there is a gently sloping sealed asphalt path (1.5 meters wide) leading from the parking bays to the toilet block. The total distance is 85 metres.

Toilet Facilities

The toilet block contains a unisex accessible toilet. The door to the cubicle swings outwards and is fitted with a long vertical handle (1.2 meter high) and a rotating internal lock (1.1 meters high). The entry is 80 centimeters wide, and the cubicle itself has ample room for a wheelchair beside the toilet. There are side and rear hand rails (85 centimeters high), the toilet is raised to a height of 50 centimeters and the flush button is 1.2 meters high. There is a hand basin (85 centimeters high) within the cubicle with a rounded rotating tap (1 meter high) that would require finger dexterity to operate. The basin is equipped with cold water only and has a clear space of 20 centimeters underneath.

Warrandyte Pound Bend Reserve Toilets   Warrandyte Pound Bend Reserve Toilets

Accessible unisex toilet facility at Pound Bend Reserve


Picnic Area

Opposite the toilet block is a large grassed picnic area. There are no formed pathways through the area and the surface is natural grass. It is hard-packed, but the surface is uneven in places.

Warrandyte Pound Bend Reserve Picnic Area   Warrandyte Pound Bend Reserve Picnic Area

Picnic tables at Pound Bend Reserve


The picnic tables are large slab style with fixed seating down both sides. The ends of the table are solid and do not provide an overhang to enable a wheelchair to enter front facing.

From this picnic area there is a walking track along the river. This path is hard-packed gravel. Following the path upstream it is wide and level until it reaches the point where it leaves the river and doubles back up the hill towards the road. It is recommended to return along the river at this point. The path crosses a couple of bridges. The path is flush with the bridge surface which is made of a synthetic timber that is smooth and without gaps. The bridges are equipped with a hand rail on one side. If one continued down the path downstream, the path leads to the second car park and picnic area, the canoe launching area, and on to the Pound Bend Tunnel Path.

Walking path at Pound Bend Reserve, Warrandyte State Park   Warrandyte Pound Bend Reserve Walking Path

Walking paths


Canoe Launching Area

Midway down the second car park is a path leading to the canoe launching area. The path from the picnic area to the river is a short gravel path with a gradient of 1 in 10. At the bottom of the path is a series of wide stepped platforms giving access to the river at various water level heights.

Warrandyte Pound Bend Reserve River Access

Canoe launching area

Pound Bend Tunnel

From the end of the second car park on the left upon entering park is the path to the Pound Bend Tunnel. This is a level asphalt path 90 meters in length that leads to the two observation areas. To the right is a short boardwalk that gives a good view down the river. The path to the left leads to a gravel area with 2 back less benches. There is space in this seating area for a wheelchair. This area gives a view over the tunnel outlet into the river.

 Warrandyte Pound Bend Reserve Tunnel    Warrandyte Pound Bend Reserve Tunnel

Pound Bend tunnel observation area


Fourth Hill

Fourth Hill is accessed via Gold Memorial Road off Harris Gulley Road. There is a small parking area beside the river. It is popular with those trying their hand at Gold Panning. Access to the river is rough. The Gold History walks are narrow, unformed tracks and are not wide enough for a standard wheelchair or walker. The surface is rough and deeply pitted. The walk to the ridge line on the opposite side of the river is long and steep with gradients up to 1 in 4. There are no toilet facilities at Fourth Hill.

Warrandyte Forth Hill   Warrandyte Forth Hill

Fourth Hill - popular gold panning site



The car park is small with no designated disabled parking bays.

Warrandyte Forth Hill Carpark

Fourth Hill car park


Picnic Area

There are two square accessible picnic tables close to the river. Both have roll under sides for wheelchair access.

Warrandyte Forth Hill Picnic Area   Warrandyte Forth Hill Picnic Area

Picnic tables at Fourth Hill


Whipstick Gully

Whipstick Gully is a reminder of the gold heritage of the area. Access to the Whipstick Gully area is limited.

Warrandyte Whipstick Gully   Warrandyte Whipstick Gully

Whipstick Gully mine face and opening


There is a small area for six vehicles 50 meters from the entrance. There are no designated accessible car park bays. The walk to the gate is along the road which is course gravel road base. The entry to the park is via a 1 metre entry on the left side of the gate.

Warrandyte Whipstick Gully   Warrandyte Whipstick Gully

Entrance gate to Whipstick Gully site


Information Area

Directly inside the gate is a large information area detailing the history of the area (there once was an old mine poppet but it has since been removed). The display is fully accessible once through the gate. To the left is the old mine face which has level access across a gravel surface. There is an audio system that outlines: “The Victory” & Whipstick Gully Mines; Traditional Gold Mining Techniques; How to Pan for Gold and Whipstick Gully sights and sounds in the 1890’s. There are no toilet facilities available at Whipstick Gully.

Warrandyte Whipstick Gully   Warrandyte Whipstick Gully

Information display and audio system


Jumping Creek

Jumping Creek has two distinct picnic areas. The main area is at the end of the access road, and there is a smaller area on the left approximately a kilometre before the main area.

Warrandyte Jumping Creek   Warrandyte Jumping Creek

Jumping creek lookout



There are no designated disabled parking bays in this car park and the surface is road base.

Toilet Facilities

The toilet block and covered picnic pavilion are located on the left side of the car park. The toilet block contains a unisex accessible toilet cubicle.

The toilet is 45 centimeters high with the flush button located behind the toilet at 1 meter high. There is adequate space for a wheelchair next to the toilet. Rear and side grab bars (85 centimeters high) are provided both beside and behind the toilet. There is an accessible hand basin (70 centimeters high) with a rotating type tap (75 centimeters) with a fluted handle that would require finger dexterity to operate. The door is 80 centimeters wide and has a swing door with a light action and vertical handle at a height of 85 centimeters. The door has a rotating internal lock (85 centimeters high). Access is via a short gravel path from the car park. There are no steps or obstructions.

Warrandyte Jumping Creek   Warrandyte Jumping Creek Toilets

Accessible toilet facilities at Jumping Creek


Picnic Areas

Picnic tables near toilets and main information sign are accessed via gently sloping paths. Tables do not provide roll under access for wheelchair users. The same applies to the tables under the covered pavilion.

The river is only accessible via steps.

The nature trail is a narrow, unformed natural pathway with a rough pitted surface that is not suitable for wheelchair users or those using a walking frame.

Warrandyte Jumping Creek Picnic Area   Warrandyte Jumping Creek Picnic Area

Picnic pavilion and picnic tables at Jumping Creek


The second picnic area is on the left of the main access road before the descent to the main area. This area has several square tables with a roll under open side suitable for wheelchair users. While there is no designated disabled parking, each table has virtually private parking allowing ample space beside the vehicle.

Warrandyte Jumping Creek Picnic Area

Second picnic area off the main road

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