Our crews have completed extensive flood recovery work in time for spectators to enjoy one of the biggest water ski races in the world. 

Visitors to the Murray River are reminded that these areas were heavily impacted by the recent floods. 

We’ve been busy behind the scenes with Make Safe works, including hazardous tree assessments and remediation works, track closures, clearing, assessments and repairs, toilet pumping and cleaning, signage cleaning, fence repairs and boat ramp works. 

Every proposed work site has had cultural heritage assessments prior to works occurring to ensure cultural values are protected. 

Approximately more than 80 days have been spent re-opening key park areas to support this year’s Southern 80 event.  


Murray River visitor maps for the Southern 80 – from Headworks to Cobb 

To help you plan your trip, we’ve developed a series of maps to show open and safe areas for you to access during the Southern 80.  

These maps are accurate as of 17 March 2023. Click on the link in the caption beneath each map to download your PDF version.


Map 1: Headworks to Weir. Download the PDF.


Map 2: Baillieu to Headworks. Download the PDF.


Map 3: Fraser to Thyra. Download the PDF.


Map 4: Muller to Cobb. Download the PDF.


Closures in place for safety and protection

During your visit to the Murray, you may see smaller areas fenced off or areas blocked by bollards. These areas have been closed due to safety and protection reasons. Please do not enter, remove fixtures or drive beyond them. 

Visitors should be aware that river banks have been eroded by flood waters and may be unstable. Holes may have opened up in the ground and should be avoided. Trees along the river banks could be unstable. There is always a risk of trees dropping limbs.   

Parks Victoria is working with Traditional Owners and other government agencies to manage the temporary levee in Echuca. It is illegal to interfere with the levee.

Parks Victoria rangers, Victoria Police and authorised officers will patrol the river during the Southern 80 weekend. They will be available to offer advice and assistance to visitors, as well as carry out compliance operations.

If you’re planning on visiting the Murray, check the current park conditions on the Parks Victoria website for the latest information on accessible areas along the river. 

You can read more about our state-wide flood and storm recovery work in our article, Reopening flooded areas is no walk in the park

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