How to be a happy camper on your next holiday

Thursday 6 December, 2018

Mountains, rivers, beaches, forests – Victoria has it all when it comes to camping locations.

While mother nature provides the magnificent backdrop and Parks Victoria provides more than 100 campsites, it’s the little bit of additional planning and care that will really take a camping holiday from ho-hum to ho-ho!

Here are some tips for being a happy camper these holidays.

Two campers sitting around campsite and tent at Great Otway National Park

Research your campground

Make sure you know what to expect before you pack the tent. Campgrounds in Victoria’s vast parks and reserves vary greatly. Some are remote with no toilets or running water, while others can be easily accessed, and include showers and cooking facilities. Either way, there’s something for everyone. To get started, explore the campsites available across Victoria.

Book ahead or arrive early

Once you know where you want to go, make sure you’ve checked how to secure a spot. Some campsites require a booking and some are fee-based, while many others are free and provided on a first-in, first-served basis. For information on how to book a campsite, visit booking information.

Pack the right gear

You can forget the kitchen sink, but make sure you’re well-prepared. The last thing you want on holiday is to be uncomfortable, so make sure you’ve got the right bedding, clothing, footwear, food and water. Although it’s summer, conditions in the outdoors change dramatically so make sure your tent is waterproof.

Store your food, rubbish

When you head out for the day, or turn in for the night, securely pack away your food, leftovers and rubbish. You don’t want to come home after a day’s activity to find your dinner has disappeared, or your campsite is strewn with rubbish. Birds and animals can be harmed by consuming human food

Be fire smart

If sitting around an evening campfire is essential for your trip, check ahead to see if they’re permitted. Where a campfire is okay, make sure you’ve packed firewood, or can buy some from nearby. Around 10 per cent of bushfires are caused by escaped campfires so never leave one unattended, and when putting it out, use water, not soil. For fire safety information, visit Forest Fire Management for advice.

Be a good neighbour

Holidays can be a great time to meet new people, but remember, they’re also supposed to be relaxing! Make sure you give other campers their own space and quiet – noise travels easily through tent walls! Be a good neighbour to the environment by taking your rubbish with you, and by not trampling or cutting the vegetation.

Ahead of your next adventure, explore our visitor safety tips for more advice.

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