Grampians National Park closures due to planned burning

Friday 1 April, 2022

Planned burning will close sections of the Grampians Peaks Trail and key visitor sites at short notice from March to June, 2022. It is important you consider this interruption when planning your trip.    

Planned burning is a critical part of park management and reducing bushfire risk in the Grampians National Park. The right weather conditions are needed for a safe and effective burn- cool to warm temperatures, very little wind, no rain. These are the same great conditions for a trip to the park! Because planned burning is so dependent on the right weather conditions, we cannot give exact dates or times when they will occur.


Stony Creek burn update

All visitor access areas now open. Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMV) ignited the Stony Creek burn on Friday 25 March. Crews are continuing to monitor the burn and manage any issues associated with the burn.


Boroka Lookout burn update

The weather conditions were not favourable to undertake the Boroka Lookout burn that was scheduled on Sunday 27 March. FFMV will continue to monitor this area over the next few weeks for favourable weather conditions, outside of high visitor times. 


Cranages Road Burn – Ignited Tuesday 29 March 2022

Now open:

  • MacKenzie Falls walking tracks and visitor site
  • Zumsteins walking track, between Zumsteins and the base of MacKenzie Falls, including Fish Falls
  • Smiths Mill Campground
  • Lake Wartook Rd into Lake Wartook
  • Chinaman Track
  • Mt Difficult Rd between Boroka Lookout and Lake Wartook
  • Rose creek Road between Mt Victory Road and Old Mill road
  • Old Mill Road between Smiths Mill Campground and Boroka Lookout 


Staying informed - How can I find out about a burn near me?


Sign up to receive free automated SMS and email notifications about any upcoming FFMVic and CFA planned burns at the Forest Fire Management Victoria website.


Click here to opt-in for email updates from the Wimmera Fire district about scheduled planned burns in the Grampians National Park.


If travelling in the local area, to seek advice about detours or other areas see, visit Brambuk the National Park and Cultural Centre, or a local Visitor Information Centre surrounding the park.


Call - For information and advice on campground bookings and cancellations contact Parks Victoria on 13 1963.


For general planned burn information you can also contact The VicEmergency Hotline on 1800 226 226


Smoke and Your Health
You may see and smell smoke from planned burns. For advice on how this may impact your health, visit EPA Victoria.




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