Wilsons Prom Sanctuary one step closer

Friday 10 February, 2023

Wilsons Promontory National Park is one step closer to becoming Victoria’s largest conservation sanctuary, with the company GHD appointed to design an exclusion fence for destructive animals like foxes, feral cats and deer. 

A long-term goal for the national park is to eradicate invasive species, helping create an environment where native plants and animals can thrive.  

Wilsons Prom is home to native species that are endangered at state and federal levels, including the Eastern Bristlebird, Ground Parrot, Growling Grass Frog, Hooded Plover, New Holland Mouse, Southern Brown Bandicoot and Swamp Skink. 

The proposed fence would be a barrier for invasive species trying to enter the national park and would complement enhanced conservation programs inside the fence line. These include large-scale invasive species control, large-scale habitat restoration and threatened species recovery programs. 

 A shiny green frog with a yellow-spotted belly sits on damp grass, staring at the camera with its gold and black eye. 

Animals like the Growling Grass Frog will benefit from a landscape free of predators and invasive pests. Credit: Parks Victoria 

The fence is a key part of Parks Victoria’s $23 million Wilsons Prom Revitalisation project, a major investment that will also improve visitor experiences at the park, one of Victoria’s most popular destinations.  

Planning and design works are already underway for upgrades to the Tidal River visitor precinct, the park’s main hub, and for new accommodation options in the park.  

Parks Victoria will be working with Traditional Owners and specialist consultants throughout the project to ensure natural and cultural values are protected. Parks Victoria staff are also out in the park this summer to hear feedback from the public, which can also be provide through the Engage Victoria website.

Designs for the fence will be developed during the year following extensive assessments in the park and engagement with Traditional Owners. For further information, visit Wilsons Prom Sanctuary.

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