Lake Natimuk Weir consultation

Project status

November 2022


Consultation for this project has closed after a period of consultation from 1 - 28 October 2022.  Thank you to everyone who contributed.  Parks Victoria will analyse and then communicate the results.



In 2016, a project to replace the existing Lake Natimuk outlet structure with a new weir was initiated by the Natimuk Lake Foreshore Committee of Management. The weir works were on Parks Victoria-managed land, which triggered a formal approval process involving various agencies and organisations..

Parks Victoria is seeking community feedback to confirm there is broad support for the works.  If supported, Parks Victoria will complete the works. 

The project


What is the current status of the project?

All works ceased on 19 September 2016, due to concerns over correct approval processes being followed, a potential breach of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 and the potential for impact on the significant environmental values of Lake Natimuk and the associated upstream and downstream waterway.  The project has been on hold since this time while these matters were investigated and funding sought.

What has happened since 2016?

The Wimmera CMA commissioned an Ecological Impact Report, which included desktop and on-ground field assessments to identify the biological values at Lake Natimuk and the connecting Natimuk Creek.  This assessment also considered the results and the ecological impact of increasing the operating water level in Lake Natimuk by raising the outlet weir structure by 700mm.  It was determined the water in the weir will not be higher than the old weir level.

What has been the outcome of Parks Victoria’s risk assessment on the proposed weir? 

The risk assessment highlighted a number of outstanding environmental and infrastructure impacts of the proposed works.  The new weir height is 69cm above the height of the existing weir structure.  Wimmera Catchment Management Authority (WCMA) surveying of maximum new higher lake levels shows:
  • potential for reduced availability of shallow water and mudflat habitat for shorebirds
  • potential for inundation of significant vegetation in the upstream Natimuk Creek reserve and Lake Natimuk’s established and protected fringing red gum vegetation
  • potential for inundation of BBQ area in Natimuk Lake Foreshore Committee of Management -managed foreshore area, minor areas of two adjacent private properties and sections of the Big Sky Bicycle Trail
  • potential for bank erosion on the eastern shore due to wave action at high lake levels. This has previously resulted in expensive remediation works. The new higher lake resulting from the proposed weir will overtop the existing rock beaching with the likelihood of once again causing bank erosion and possibly damage to the lakeside Horsham Rural City Council (HRCC) managed road.

Why complete the weir work? 

Parks Victoria is seeking community feedback to establish whether the project has support.  If supported, it will complete this stage of the weir works to the  height of the old weir.  The structure would then be made safe and secure. 

Managing Country Together

Parks Victoria works with the Barengi Gadjin Land Council as the Registered Aboriginal Party for this area. 



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