Project status

March 2024:

Dromana Pier is reaching the end of its service life and is funded for replacement.

Planning is underway and following a tender process, a consultant has been appointed to develop final, construction-ready designs for the new pier.

Construction on the new pier will commence once all planning, approvals and procurement stages are completed.

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 Timeline for Dromana Pier project

The above timeline is subject to assessments, on-ground and construction industry conditions.

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The project

This project is being delivered on Bunurong Sea Country

Dromana Pier is situated in the coastal suburb of Dromana on the Mornington Peninsula in southern Port Phillip. The pier is aligned to Pier Street and a focal point of the busy town centre. It provides a popular location for fishing and walking, with the occasional recreational boater stopping to visit. The pier is an active lookout point for scenic views across Port Phillip to the skyline of Melbourne CBD and when turning to view Arthurs Seat, the highest point on the Mornington Peninsula. 
Originally built in the 1860s and extended in the 1870s, the pier became unsafe in the 1950s and was replaced with the existing 186-metre-long concrete pier. The pier is currently open (with a 40-metre section at the pier head closed) but is nearing the end of its service life and in need of replacement. 


Concrete piles beneath Dromana Pier

Above - concrete piles beneath Dromana Pier


Project benefits

Visitors and economy

The new Dromana Pier will continue to be a popular visitor destination, drawing people to the village and supporting local businesses to thrive.



This project will enhance community access for sightseeing, fishing, boating and connection to the water.



Project funding

This project is delivered with investment from the Victorian Government.



Environmental management

Environmental assessments will be undertaken to inform the delivery of works to ensure marine life is considered during project delivery.



Who are we working with?

  • Department of Transport and Planning
  • Local user and community interest groups



Staying updated

Information about this project will be maintained on this page and shared via project e-newsletters.

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What is happening at Dromana Pier?

Dromana Pier has reached the end of its serviceable life and is being rebuilt with funding from the Victorian Government. Once complete, the brand-new Dromana Pier will be a popular feature for this coastal community, providing a safe and accessible location for the community to gather and enjoy a connection to the water. The new pier will support a number of activities, including fishing, boating and walking.

Why is Dromana Pier being rebuilt?

Dromana pier was first built in the 1860s and extended in the 1870s. Over time the pier has deteriorated in line with its expected design life and is now due to be replaced. Currently the pier is partially closed with a 40-metre section of the pier head fenced off for public safety.

What are the features of the new Dromana Pier?

In early 2024 Parks Victoria appointed a designer to develop designs for the rebuilt pier. The final design will draw on the feedback received during community consultation in 2021

How was the community consulted on the new Dromana Pier?

Dromana Pier is being rebuilt as part of a $46 million investment announced in the Victorian Budget 2023-24 for critical works at piers and jetties across the state. The earlier concept plan was prepared because the pier was approaching end of life and Parks Victoria need to commence plan for a future rebuild when funding became available. In preparation for rebuilding Dromana Pier, in 2021 Parks Victoria developed three early concept designs and sought community and stakeholder aspirations and ideas for a new Dromana Pier. Preferences and ideas were captured and will be considered as part of the final design stage of the new pier. Building on community influenced concept designs produced in 2021, this year we’re conducting detailed investigations and stakeholder conversations to shape the pier’s design and engineering requirements. This includes understanding the pier’s relationship to changes in sea level and storm events as well as beach erosion and movement.

When will the new pier be built?

The new pier is planned to be ready to welcome the community in the second half of 2026. The project timeline at the top of this page will be updated throughout the project. We encourage people who are interested in this project to subscribe for updates.

Can I still fish from the pier?

Currently the pier is open except for a 40-metre section of the pier head which is closed for safety. When works get underway, all access to the pier for activities including angling and fishing will be prohibited for safety. More information will be provided at the construction stage of the project.

Can I swim and snorkel around or under the pier?

The area beneath Dromana Pier is closed due to the risk of spalling and deteriorated concrete, which is at risk of falling into the water below. There is signage in place to inform people of the risks. You can enjoy similar experiences at Rosebud Pier, Rye Pier, and Mornington Pier.

Who is responsible for managing Dromana Pier?

Parks Victoria is responsible for the management and maintenance of over 40 piers, jetties and related structures on Port Phillip, Western Pot and Port Campbell which attract about 30 million visitors per year combined. Parks Victoria carries out regular inspections on all port assets to ensure they are safe and well maintained.

How can I stay informed about progress of this project?

Parks Victoria will share regular progress updates with key stakeholders and the community on Parks Victoria’s website. You can subscribe to the Dromana Pier project mailing list to receive ongoing communications about this project.



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