Gipps Street Elevated Path project

The image shows a project timeline. Planning and assessments were completed in 2021. Design development was completed in 2022. The tender process for construction was completed in mid-2022. Construction started in June 2023. Construction is expected to be completed in late 2024.

Project status

July 2024: Detours remain in place for trail users via Abbotsford and Nicholson Street. The foundation works are now complete on the northern side of Collins Bridge and are well underway on the southern side the bridge. The fabrication of the steel structure has commenced  offsite and these large structures will be installed onsite during the coming months.


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The project

The Main Yarra Trail is one of Melbourne's most iconic routes following the Birrarung Yarra River from the north eastern suburbs to the city. The trail currently comes to an abrupt barrier at the steep steps at Gipps Street in Abbotsford. Parks Victoria is providing a solution by replacing the steep steps with an elevated, curved path. The new elevated path will improve how cyclists, people with prams and people with accessibility requirements can continue their journey along the Main Yarra Trail. The new elevated path is being built on Wurundjeri Country.


Artist impression of the Gipps Street Ramp

This image is an artist's impression of the proposed ramp design for illustrative purposes only.


Project benefits


Users of the Main Yarra Trail have long been keen to see improvements to accessibility and connectivity of the trail at the point of the Gipps Street steps. The new ramp will dramatically improve how all users can access the trail regardless of their accessibility requirements or choice of transport along the trail. 



This project is being undertaken in consultation with key community and user groups including the Bicycle Network, Yarra City Council and local residents to ensure minimal disruption for the community and maximum benefit for trail users.


Protecting the environment

We plan on regenerating the embankment by planting native plants as part of this project. Much of the current vegetation on the embankment at this part of the Yarra is invasive weed species, and we'll remove some of these weeds as part of this project. 


Protecting cultural heritage 

We have consulted with First Peoples-State Relations and a cultural heritage management plan has been approved for the project. We will continue to work with the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung to ensure cultural heritage is appropriately managed.



Putting safety first

Visitor safety is our number one priority when considering risk in parks. While nature will always be unpredictable, our projects and maintenance works help minimise risks and help people explore the great outdoors safely. Parks Victoria is responsible for continuously managing and maintaining over 50,000 pieces of infrastructure across the state annually. 

We’re also delivering new projects to help visitors get into nature. These are thoroughly planned and prepared to keep people and projects separate – and safe. When visiting a park where projects are happening, especially during construction, it’s important that people follow the direction of signs, stay out of fenced and restricted areas, and listen to Parks Victoria staff and work crews.


Project funding

The Victorian Government is investing $15 million for this project. 


Project timeline

Construction on this project began in June 2023. We expect construction to be complete and the path to re-open in the second half of 2024.


Project partner

Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Change


Access changes

The trail will be temporarily closed between Gipps Street and Clarke Street in Abbotsford once work commences. The detour route for Main Yarra Trail users will be clearly signposted throughout the works. During construction, access along the Collins Bridge may be intermittently interrupted to ensure the safety of trail users. These access interruptions will be as short and as infrequent as possible.

Map of recommended detour route for Main Yarra Trail users during the works to construct the Gipps Street Ramp.


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What will the ramp look like?

The steps will be replaced with a 200-metre elevated path that follows a gentle gradient to link with the Collins Bridge, enabling all users to enjoy an easy, continuous journey along the trail. 

Will there still be steps available at this location for those who want to use the steps? 

The existing steps will be demolished and new steps will be rebuilt nearby. The new steps will be designed and constructed with similar materials to the ramp. 

How is vegetation being protected during works? 

Much of the vegetation on the embankment at this location is invasive weed species. Most existing native trees on the embankment will not be removed and replanting of native species will be incorporated into the works to regenerate the embankment.  

How is the community being consulted on this project?

Extensive community consultation was undertaken in 2017 for input into the ramp designs. Ongoing engagement is happening with people and groups, including Traditional Owners, Bicycle Network Victoria, neighbouring residents and Yarra City Council. 


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