Warneet Jetties Project

Project status

April 2024:

  • We've released the tender to construct the Warneet jetties, marking important progress on the project.
  • Experienced contractors are now preparing tenders to construct the new Warneet jetties.
  • The tender package includes the jetty designs developed by Better Boating Victoria and an additional set of designs providing a second option. The second option has been developed to ensure the project can progress to construction without delay, depending on market conditions.
  • As part of the tender process, we are preparing design drawings which we will share with you to give a clearer impression on how the new jetties will look. 
  • A lead construction contractor for the project is anticipated to be appointed in Spring 2024.
  • Construction will commence once final permits and approvals are completed.
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Warneet jetties project timeline
The above timeline is subject to assessments, on-ground and construction industry conditions.

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The project

This project is being delivered on the Traditional Lands of the Bunurong people.

Warneet is located on Rutherford Inlet on the Westernport foreshore. The area is a popular boating destination with two jetties that were first constructed more than 50 years ago and then repaired and renewed over the decades. The jetties are located less than one kilometre apart and people can access both via a coastal walking track. The two jetties have supported local fishing and boating activities and user groups for decades, with some user groups active for more than 65 years. 

Like all piers and jetties, over the years, the condition of the jetties has gradually deteriorated, with both jetties currently closed for public safety reasons.
In response to the deteriorated jetty conditions and closures, the 2023-24 Victorian State Budget allocated a $46 million funding package for four projects including at Warneet. The project was progressed to detailed design by Better Boating Victoria, as part of the Warneet Boating Precinct Plan, completed in 2021. 
The development of the precinct plan included stakeholder and community consultation on ideas for the jetties. Parks Victoria as the asset manager is leading the jetties rebuild process.



Warneet South Jetty entry sign  Warneet North Jetty entrance

Image above left - Warneet South Jetty.                                Image above right - Warneet North Jetty.


Project benefits

Improved visitor experience

Rebuilding the jetties will improve safety and access for fishing, boating, and walking.


Economic benefits

The jetties play a role in supporting tourism and recreation in the area. The project will enhance opportunities for surrounding local businesses by attracting more people to visit Warneet to access the facilities.


Community benefits

Improvements delivered through this project will enhance safety and accessibility for community access to the water, reinstating a place for jetty-based fishing. Restoring the jetties also provides a gathering place for the community, facilitating social interaction and engagement with the natural environment.


Project funding

This project is funded by the Victorian Government.


Project timeline

Initial Phase (undertaken by Better Boating Victoria)

  • Develop Warneet Boating Precinct Plan - 2021
  • Develop concept designs for Warneet North Jetty and Warneet South Jetty
  • Concept designs released – Dec 2021
  • Develop detailed designs for Warneet North Jetty and Warneet South Jetty
  • Detailed designs provided to Parks Victoria for costing and other requirements


Current phase* (undertaken by Parks Victoria)

  • Detailed designs reviewed, quantity surveyed (costed) and finalised – late 2023 to early 2024
  • Issue tender for construction –April 2024
  • Appoint the lead construction partner - Spring 2024
  • Final approvals and permits
  • Commence construction
  • Target completion of the new jetties - Mid 2025


Who are we working with?

  • Department of Transport and Planning
  • Better Boating Victoria
  • Casey City Council
  • Local user and interest groups


Staying updated

The community will hear more from our team about this project early next year via this webpage and via project e-newsletters. Subscribe here.

Contact the the team via engage@parks.vic.gov.au

Read the April 2024 Community E-newsletter


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