Get reinvigorated by tall forests

In the tall forests, even the biggest of us can feel tiny. Among these ancient giants, we are all children. Sink into the peace of deep time, and breathe in the ancient remedies of the forest.

Here, the very air is alive. Our tall forests exhale calming, healing properties that we’re only just beginning to understand. Disconnect from the digital and seek solace in the green embrace of the ferns and climbers. When you leave your device behind and step out on a forest bathing walk, you’re participating in a healing ritual thousands of years old.

From the mosses and lichens adorning the tree trunks to the topmost canopy of the sassafras – from the tiny, delicate weebill to the gentle, wandering wombat – everything in the tall forest is in its right place. Find yours.

A couple follow a walking path through luscious rain-forest ferns.

Connect to the medicine of the forest

You might be familiar with the special sense of peace that comes with being immersed in nature. But did you know that the health benefits of spending time in our parks go far beyond simple relaxation?
Two people take a mindfulness walk in Kinglake National Park.

7 Days of Mindfulness in Nature

Mindfulness is a simple form of meditation that focuses on the present moment through paying attention, in a non-judgmental manner, to your senses and surroundings. Practicing mindfulness in nature is a great way to achieve a sense of balance and peace, and to connect with the places that are most meaningful to us.

Get into tall forests

Get into tall forests

A three year old boy leads his mum and younger brother through the forest near Grants Picnic Ground.

Get connected to tall forests

Explore your roots through the maze of history written on Country and woven through the trees. Learn how the tall forests support every one of us in our own growing community.
People walking on Lyrebird Ridge Track.

Get curious about tall forests

Meet the shyest members of your Victorian family here, in the tall forests. We share our forests with all kinds of kin, from the mighty to the microscopic. Come and meet them.
Two men walking in Dandenong Ranges National Park

Get immersed in tall forests

Savour every moment when you get out of your routine and into the tall forests. A playground of adventure is waiting for you here.
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