Get connected to tall forests

In tall forests, history is written in the earth itself. At Tarra-Bulga National Park, learn the Gunaikurnai creation story that links the forest to the coastline, following Borun, the pelican, as he carried his canoe from the mountains to the sea.

The forest has always been a place of connection: to self, to Country, to place, and to each other. Deepen your own connection to our tall forests with a mindfulness walk in Kinglake National Park that puts you in harmony with your surroundings with every careful step. Explore your roots through the maze of history written on Country and woven through the trees. Learn how the tall forests support every one of us in our own growing community.

Connect with the people who protect Victoria’s tall forests. From Victoria’s first female park ranger, the trailblazing Kara Moana Healey, to the rangers following in her footsteps today.

Kara Moana Healy, the first female park ranger in Victoria - Tarra Bulga National Park

Meet Victoria's first female park ranger

Born in New Zealand in 1904, Kara moved to Australia with her family when she was still a small child. Her career as a park ranger started in her midlife, when she met and married her second husband, Jim Healey. In 1949, the pair moved to Tarra Valley, now known as Tarra-Bulga National Park, where Jim had been working as ranger for several years.
A waterfall in the Tarra Bulga National Park

Cultural Heritage Tarra-Bulga National Park

Tarra-Bulga sits in a significant part of the Gunaikurnai cultural landscape - on their creation storyline, where Borun travelled carrying his canoe from the mountains to the sea. There is still much work to be done to fully understand the cultural values within the park, but the significant remnants of old growth forest are characteristic of a period when only Gunaikurnai were present on the land.
A video still of a ranger standing in the forest with a play icon overlay

A 15-minute mindfulness walk at Kinglake National Park

Join Ranger Tony Fitzgerald for a 15-minute mindfulness walk at Kinglake National Park, along the Stuart-Judd track at Jehosaphat Gully. Relax, focus your mind on the present and enjoy a different journey through a spectacular part of the Kinglake National Park.
Meet Ranger Jack at Gembrook

Meet our rangers - Jack

Jack is an Area Chief Ranger based in Gembrook. He oversees a number of parks and reserves east of Melbourne including Bunyip State Park and Kurth Kiln Regional Park.

Get into tall forests

Get into tall forests

People walking on Lyrebird Ridge Track.

Get curious about tall forests

Meet the shyest members of your Victorian family here, in the tall forests. We share our forests with all kinds of kin, from the mighty to the microscopic. Come and meet them.
Two men walking in Dandenong Ranges National Park

Get immersed in tall forests

Savour every moment when you get out of your routine and into the tall forests. A playground of adventure is waiting for you here.
A women walks through Kinglake National Park.

Get reinvigorated by tall forests

In the tall forests, even the biggest of us can feel tiny. Among these ancient giants, we are all children. Sink into the peace of deep time, and breathe in the ancient remedies of the forest.
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