Mountain bike riding

Arthurs Seat State Park

The peaceful bushland and steep rocky terrain makes Arthurs Seat State Park an exciting mountain bike destination. The combination of single-track and management vehicle tracks provides opportunities for mountain bike riders of all abilities.

The park has over 20 kilometres of mountain biking trail that connects in with the broader management vehicle network. The trails can be enjoyed individually, with friends or you can join a local riding club. Remember to choose trails suited to your riding ability.

There are three options to start your mountain bike trail experience. These are marked on the map contained in the fact sheet below.

Seawinds Mountain Bike Carpark, Purves Road, Arthurs Seat. Trail information can be found at the trail head inside the main gate from the carpark. There are toilets, however please bring your own drinking water.

Arthurs Seat Road Carpark, 2.7km east of Arthurs Seat Lookout – from here you can access the parks’ eastern trails easily. Trail information can be found inside the gate. There are no toilets available. Please bring your own drinking water.

Boundary Road Carpark, Hillview Community Reserve, Boundary Road, Dromana. Here you will find toilets, drinking water and a bike maintenance station. The start of the trails is found 400m south (uphill) of the carpark. Trail information is found inside the park boundary gate.

The Mornington Peninsula Shire links several of the mountain bike trails with their roadside trail network. For further information contact the Shire on 1300 850 600. Mountain bike shuttle services and guided tours are available.

The Arthurs Seat State Park Mountain Bike Fact Sheet has more information, including a map showing the trails.

The variety of trails range in difficulty:

Easy trails

Suitable for beginner riders, with firm and stable surfaces and avoidable obstacles.

Green Circle Easy TrailsWonga (1.7km)  two-way (part shared trail)

A flowy wide adaptive trail which links you to Slippery Gypsy. Great for first time mountain bike riders. Wonga is the Bunurong name for Arthurs Seat.

Green Circle Easy TrailsSlippery Gypsy (0.7km) – two-way

Natural surface connective trail to Wombat Junction with minimal gradients and exposed tree roots.

Green Circle Easy TrailsEast Link (1.0km) – two-way

Natural surface trail providing connectivity across the landscape. This trail has wide open views of Port Phillip.

Green Circle Easy TrailsLoop Trail (1.7km) – two-way

Easy riding on a wide trail like Wonga. This trail is suited to a cross country style rider. This trail is best ridden in a clockwise direction, but it is up to you.

Intermediate trails

Suitable for riders with some off-road experience. Variety of terrain, including obstacles and some steep sections.

Blue Square More Difficult TrailsRock Salt (1.1km) – one-way descending

A short twisting single trail with fast descents, pinch climbs and some rock obstacles. This trail is a good test before moving onto black trails.

Blue Square More Difficult TrailsWombat (1.7km) – one-way descending

Natural surface trail with minimal gradients and exposed tree roots. This introduces small rock gardens and more technical cornering.

Blue Square More Difficult TrailsPine Climb (0.8km) – one-way ascending

A technically challenging climb with narrow single trail, tight switch backs and exposed tree roots. For an added challenge, attempt this entire climb without putting a foot down.

Blue Square More Difficult TrailsHigh Roller (1.2km) – two-way

A fast, fun trail with some flowy berms and short rock features. This trail is a good introduction to blue trails.

Blue Square More Difficult TrailsLink (0.4km) – one-way descending

A short section of fast, natural trail leading riders towards Boundary Road Carpark. This trail is only accessible via Wombat.

Blue Square More Difficult TrailsSawtooth (2.8km) – one-way descending

Natural surface single track with berms, roots, switchbacks, finishing at the picturesque McLarens Dam. This trail combines a cross country and downhill riding experience. 

Blue Square More Difficult TrailsBowsaw (2.8km) – one-way ascending

Enjoyable climb (after descending Sawtooth) returning you to the Seawinds area. Rest along the way and take in the bay views.

Very difficult trails

Suitable for experienced riders. Challenging terrain and frequent obstacles.

At the start of each black run, safety and risk signage is located on a ‘skills gate.’ The skills gate is an indicator of the terrain and the trail surfacing you can expect along its length. If you are unable to safely navigate the skills gate, you should consider riding a different trail. 

Black Diamond Very Difficult TrailsPins and Needles (0.8km) – one-way descending

A tree lined single track with fast paced root challenges. A large gap jump greets you at the base of the trail.

Black Diamond Very Difficult TrailsFall Line (0.7km) – one way descending

A fast and challenging trail with natural flow, berms, elevated dirt mounds and rock armoring. This is the easiest of the black trails in the park.

Black Diamond Very Difficult TrailsDeadwoods (0.7km) – one-way descending

A tight technical trail with roots, rock drops and steep chutes. This is very raw riding terrain requiring commitment to each drop.

Black Diamond Very Difficult TrailsCrits (0.6km) – one-way descending

A short, fast descending trail dropping quickly over a rocky rutted surface similar to trails in the You Yangs.

Black Diamond Very Difficult TrailsCharlottes Pass (1.7km) – one-way descending

One of the oldest trails on the hill, Charlottes Pass is a rocky, technical trail with staircases, the ‘rock drop’ and multiple tight corners.

Black Diamond Very Difficult TrailsCrusher (1.1km) – one-way descending

A tree lined single track with various bridges, drops, jumps and technical root covered corners. Don’t be fooled by the top section’s flow as this trail progressively gets more difficult the further you travel.

Black Diamond Very Difficult TrailsGunn Barrel (1.45km) – one-way descending

A competition level downhill trail with steep rocky drops, jumps and fast flow to reward you at the end. Not for the faint hearted.


Things to do in the area

Eagle - the chairlift / gondola takes visitors to the top of Arthurs Seat State Park.

Arthurs Seat Eagle

For a bird's-eye view over Port Phillip, climb aboard the all-weather Eagle, a state-of-the-art gondola which soars high above the trees. The Eagle caters to people of all abilities, the elderly and children. It is wheelchair and pram friendly. Food and coffee is available at the summit station.
A young couple walk along the board walk at Cape Schank.

Mornington Peninsula National Park

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A retired coulpe chat with a Parks Victoria Ranger at Fort Nepean.

Point Nepean National Park

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A young boy finishes setting up his tent while his sister sits at a picnic table with views of Western Port in the background at Fairhaven Campground at French Island National Park

Fairhaven Campground

Book a spot at Fairhaven Campground and set up your tent in idyllic natural surrounds, right beside the sea.

How to get there

Mountain bike riding

Car parking for the trail network is available at several locations including:

Seawinds Mountain Bike Carpark, Purves Road, Arthurs Seat.

Arthurs Seat Road Carpark, 2.7km east of Arthurs Seat Lookout.

Boundary Road Carpark, Hillview Community Reserve, Boundary Road, Dromana.

Need to know

Mountain bike riding

Change of Conditions

Nature being nature, sometimes conditions can change at short notice. It’s a good idea to check this page ahead of your visit for any updates.

  • Arthurs Seat State Park Summit

    Arthurs Seat State Park Summit Car Park Closure 15-19 July

    The Arthurs Seat State Park Summit Car Park will be closed from Monday 15 July until COB Friday 19 July 2024. 
    Alternate car parking is available in the surrounding area. 
    We apologise for any inconvenience. 

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