It is important that walkers bring their own water supply prior to setting out and fill up along the route. Each walker should carry at least 4 to 6 litres per day (especially on longer sections). Carrying two 1 litre water bottles and a lightweight 2 to 4 litre collapsible bladder will help to increase your water-carrying capacity on longer sections or in hot conditions. During summer and autumn, many creeks in the park are dry and become unreliable sources of water.

Water along the trail is untreated.  The most reliable source of untreated water on Grampians Peaks Trail, are serviced water tanks. These tanks are listed below and are located at selected trailheads, road crossings, access points and some hike-in campgrounds. Untreated water at hike-in campgrounds, is generally supplied for cooking and hand washing. When rainfall is minimal, water supply at hike-in campgrounds cannot be guaranteed.  Have a safe and reliable way to treat water for drinking. Options include bringing water to a rolling boil, cooling and drinking; chlorine or iodine tablets; handheld ultraviolet (UV) light units; and portable microfilters.

Grampians Peaks Trail serviced water tanks

Northern Section Serviced water tank Location 
N1 Mt Zero Trailhead 54H 622593 E 5916314 N
N1 Coppermine Track Crossing 54H 626028 E 5912465 N
N2 Gar Trailhead (Roses Gap Road) 54H 627470 E 5906120 N
N3 Mt Difficult Road Crossing (North) 54H 632908 E 5896505 N
Central Section Serviced water tank Location
C1 Sundial Carpark 54H 634456 E 5884936 N
C2 Bugiga Hike-in Campground 54H 633932 E 5883988 N
C3 Redman Road Trailhead/Crossing 54H 637531 E 5878975 N
C3 Mt William Road 2 54H 640566 E 5873211 N
C4 Mt William Summit 54H 641994 E 5871285 N
C5 Jimmy Creek Campground 54H 633175 E 5862844 N
C5 Jimmy Creek Road Crossing 54H 634182 E 5862766 N
Southern Section Serviced water tank Location 
S1 Yarram Gap Road Crossing  54H 631094 E 5854728 N
S2 Wannon Hike-in Campground  54H 627844 E 5850643 N
S2 Griffin Trailhead  54H 624362 E 5848912 N
S3 Djardi-djawara Hike-in Campground  54H 620944 E 5841997 N
S4 Dunkeld Reservoir Road Crossing  54H 618375 E 5835899 N
S4 Sturgeon Road Crossing MVO 54H 617081 E 5835321 N


We want all hikers to enjoy the Grampians Peaks Trail and stay safe throughout this incredible hike. Nature is incredibly beautiful but can also be unpredictable and dangerous. The Grampians Peaks Trail is a difficult Grade 4 and Grade 5 long distance hike with steep terrain and is suitable for experienced hikers. It's important to be prepared.

When planning your trip, read the important Plan and Prepare Guide and before you set off, visit Brambuk - The National Park and Cultural Centre in Halls Gap for topographic maps and speak to knowledgeable staff for the latest park information.

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