Terrick Terrick National Park


Terrick Terrick National Park

Terrick Terrick National Park is part of an Aboriginal cultural landscape. Parks Victoria respects the deep and continuing connection that Traditional Owners have to these lands and waters, and we recognise their ongoing role in caring for Country.

The imposing views and contrasting landscapes of Terrick Terrick National Park are one of Central Victoria's best-kept secrets. The closer you look, the more you will discover! The park's diversity of habitats, including endangered grasslands, provide a home for many threatened plants and animals, making it a popular destination for birdwatchers and nature lovers.

The ideal spot to start exploring the park is the picnic area nestled at the base of Mt Terrick Terrick. Picnic tables, toilets and park information are provided. Behind the picnic area is an unpowered campground which offers self-sufficient visitors the opportunity to spend a quiet night under the stars and wake up to the sound of the birds.

Take the short, steep walk to the summit of Mt Terrick Terrick for spectacular views over the park and surrounding farmland, and watch raptors soaring over the plains. Follow the well-defined Grade 3 track from the picnic area, then choose your own path up the granite rocks. Take care in wet and windy weather as the rocks may be slippery and the summit is exposed. Wear shoes or boots with a good grip.

Walkers can wander through the woodlands around Mt Terrick Terrick and Bennetts Rock by following the vehicle tracks. This area contains Victoria's most significant stand of White Cypress Pines and is great habitat for woodland birds. Alternatively, take a slow scenic drive through the park and enjoy the woodlands, grasslands, granite outcrops and wildflowers in spring.

The native grasslands of Terrick Terrick are some of the best in the state. To explore the grasslands, start at the former Davies Homestead. Stroll through Possum Paddock looking for grassland birds like pipits, larks and Stubble Quail. Or join an experienced and licensed birdwatching guide in search of the elusive and endangered Plains-wanderer.

Things To Do


Mt Terrick Terrick camping area

This basic unpowered campsite offers self-sufficient visitors the opportunity to spend a quiet night under the stars. Enjoy the sunset from the summit of Mt Terrick Terrick, a short walk away, and wake to the sound of the park’s diverse birdlife.

Mt Terrick Terrick Picnic Area

Stop for a picnic at this Picnic Area on the slopes of Mt Terrick Terrick and enjoy the short steep walk up to the summit for stunning 360-degree views over the surrounding woodland, farms and grassy plains.

Davies House Ruins

The area around the ruins of the Davies homestead offers visitors the opportunity to explore the grasslands for which the park is renowned. In spring, the grasslands come alive with wildflowers – the closer you look, the more you see!
Father and son bird watching on boardwalk

Bird watching

From bushland to wetlands and everything in between, parks provide habitat to an abundance of common and rare bird species. Go for a wander and see how many you can spot.

Terrick Terrick National Park

This area is well known for its wildlife. Keep an eye out for:


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How to get there

Terrick Terrick National Park

Terrick Terrick National Park is 225km north west of Melbourne and 60km from Bendigo along the Bendigo-Pyramid Road. The park is 4km north of Mitiamo.
The Mt Terrick Terrick picnic and camping areas and the White Cypress Pine forest can be accessed via the Sylvaterre-Timms Lake Road. The historic Davies homestead and associated grasslands can be accessed via the Mitiamo-Kow Swamp Road. Visitors to the grasslands should take care when parking or pulling over. Roadside verges support long grass and native wildflowers which may conceal deep holes or boggy areas. Parking half on and half off the road is dangerous as local vehicles sometimes travel at high speed along rural roads. Please note that clay roads are suitable for access in dry weather only.

When to go

Watch for reptiles like Bearded Dragons sunning themselves on fence-posts in the mornings, and raptors, like Wedge-tailed Eagles soaring on afternoon thermals above the grasslands. Enjoy the warm evenings and sunsets from your campsite at Mt Terrick Terrick. In good years, the wildflower display may extend into early summer. Drive with care and watch out for reptiles and other wildlife on the roads.

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Terrick Terrick National Park

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