Altona Pier Redevelopment

Project status

January 2023:

The contract for constructing the new Altona Pier will be announced in early 2023.

Planning and materials procurement for the commencement of works is underway.


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    The project 

    Altona Pier, on Bunurong Sea Country, is being redeveloped as part of the Victorian Government’s construction blitz to create new jobs across Victoria and ensure the pier remains an accessible and safe place for locals and visitors to enjoy.  The $24 million Piers and Jetties Stimulus Packages will support significant maintenance and safety upgrades to piers and jetties across Port Phillip and Western Port, including Altona, Tooradin, Rye, Queenscliff South, Portarlington and Middle Brighton piers. 

    Following the completion of community engagement in mid-2020 and selection of the community's preferred concept design, the design tender process began in July 2021. The process concluded with the appointment of Jackson Clements Burrows Architects together with AW Maritime marine engineers and Site Office Landscape Architects.

    Once complete, the new pier design will provide improved recreational space for more people to enjoy. Its modern y-shaped head providing large functional community space, as well as better access for people fishing and walking at Altona Beach, is sure to be the envy of pier lovers. View the Altona Pier - Community Consultation Summary Report   for further details.

    The detailed design for the new pier will draw on key features from the community preferred concept design and schematic designs including:

    - a modern look, y-shaped pier head which aligns with Pier Street, providing a connection to the historical elements of the pier’s heritage.

    - a timber pier deck

    - lighting to ensure safe pedestrian access

    - an accessible lower landing providing connection to the water for swimming and recreational boating

    - a pier head junction which provides space for emergency vehicles to turn safely

    - space for fishing, boating and pedestrians


    Altona Pier Schematic Design 1

    Image - Schematic design of Altona Pier. Flyover view from Altona Foreshore.

    Altona Pier looking towards Altona Foreshore, schematic design

    Image - Schematic design of Altona Pier. View towards Altona Foreshore.

    Altona Pier outer pier, schematic design

    Image - Schematic design of Altona Pier. Outer pier and turning bay.

    Altona Pier, lower landing and pier head, schematic designs

    Image - Schematic design of Altona Pier's accessible lower landing.


    Project partner and funding

    Department of Transport and Planning

    The Altona Pier Redevelopment is funded via the Victorian Government’s $24 million piers and jetties economic stimulus packages


    Other information 

    Parks Victoria is the local port manager for Port Phillip, Western Port and Port Campbell.  The three local ports combined receive approximately 80 million visits a year, and include 263,000 hectares of waterway, marine protected areas, channels, piers and jetties, moorings and aids to navigation.  


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    Frequently asked questions 

    Why does the Altona Pier need to be replaced? 

    The original timber pier at Altona was built in the late 1800s, with significant repair works carried out in the 1980s. The current structure is now nearing the end of its functional life.  To best cater for current and future community needs and ensure long term sustainability, a replacement is the most viable option. 

    When will the new pier be built? 

    Construction will get underway in early 2023 and the pier will be rebuilt and reopened to the public by late 2023.

    Will the current pier be closed during construction of the new pier?

    Altona Pier was damaged in a severe storm on Wednesday 9 June 2021, when the low landing broke away. The pier is partially closed for public safety. For now, the first 130 metres of the pier remains open but at some stage access will be closed to allow existing timber to be assessed, salvaged and milled for reuse in the new pier.

    Will the current pier be demolished before the new pier is built?

    During community consultation on the concept design for the new Altona Pier, the community told us that salvaging materials from the existing structure for use in public art, sculpture is the favoured option to maintain the historical value of the precinct. To achieve this, the existing pier timber needs to be dismantled to allow timber to be assessed, salvaged and milled to be able to be reused and incorporated into non-structural elements . The salvage process takes time and requires careful planning, therefore the existing pier is proposed to be demolished in order to identify the quantity and quality of salvageable materials which will connect the new Altona Pier to its historic predecessor.

    How was the design determined? 

    Parks Victoria engaged with the community and key stakeholders in July and August 2020 to gain feedback to help inform a future design and support decisions about the pier. More than 1,200 people provided feedback on three concept designs with more than 60 per cent choosing Option 3 with an angled pier head as the preferred design. Further design investigations have since revealed a number of constraints and opportunities which have shaped the concept design evolution, resulting in Option 3.a. Whilst the spirit of the Option 3 design selected by the community has been maintained via the proposed Pier St realignment and angled pier head, alterations have been proposed to ensure suitable pier and lower landing levels, sight lines and permeability, safety considerations and zoning of activities. The Community Engagement Summary Report can be viewed above, in the Related News section. 

    Is Altona Pier heritage listed? 

    The pier is not listed on the Heritage Victoria inventory list. The Hobsons Bay Planning Scheme Heritage Overlay HO255 includes the pier for its local historical and aesthetic significance to the City of Hobsons Bay. Given the heritage overlay, statutory approvals are required to be obtained. Parks Victoria has undertaken a heritage impact assessment and will continue to work with Hobsons Bay Council to integrate and share the history of the pier with the community.  

    How are the heritage values of the old pier and precinct being considered?  

    Whilst the current pier does not contain all its original fabric, with its rejuvenation in the 1980s, Parks Victoria recognises the heritage value the pier contributes to the precinct character and is committed to ensuring these values are preserved through appropriate management. While the broad values associated with the area will be preserved, the current pier will be removed to allow for the new pier. During the detailed design phase, those same heritage values will be considered in a heritage interpretation plan that will ensure the historical significance of the pier precinct is preserved and shared for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.  

    What approvals are required to build the new and remove the current pier? 

    As the pier is subject to a heritage overlay, planning approval to demolish the old pier may be required from the relevant statutory planning authority which is the Hobsons Bay Council.  Marine and Coastal Act 2018 Consent from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) is also required given the asset is located on Crown land and in close proximity to the coast.  


    What is happening with the timber from the existing Pier?

    Parks Victoria will aim to recycle and reuse as much of the timber for reuse in the foreshore redevelopment project. Timber will not be available for purchase by members of the public.


    What connection to the foreshore will the new Altona Pier have?

    Unlike the existing Altona Pier, the new pier will be aligned to Pier Street, providing an improved visual connection to the iconic Altona foreshore. The new pier is planned to complement Hobsons Bay City Council’s Altona Foreshore Redevelopment project, which includes upgrades to improve shade, vegetation and coastal habitat at the main beach entry at Altona Pier, as well as providing new amenities including beach showers, bike hoops and public art to activate the vibrant space. The Foreshore project is funded by the Victorian Government.

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