St Kilda Pier Redevelopment

Project status

January 2024: Majors works are continuing. The outline of the 450m new pier is now in place and clearly visible to visitors to the area. Work has progressed well over spring and involved demolishing the outer section of the old pier to allow the outer headstocks and decking structure of the new pier to be built.

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The project

This project is set to transform the area into a more welcoming and accessible destination for everyone to enjoy. The new pier design will provide improved public space for more people, improved views of St Kilda and the city skyline, better protection and viewing area for St Kilda Breakwater's Little Penguins, a wider disability compliant walkway, new toilets, tiered seating and preservation of the heritage kiosk. The pier is being constructed from concrete and timber and extends about 450 metres with a 50-year design life. 

Parks Victoria in partnership with the Department of Transport and Planning is delivering an exciting rebuild of the iconic St Kilda Pier.

Explore the designs for new St Kilda Pier

St Kilda Pier under construction with view of the curved section

Above: July 2023 work in progress showing the curved seating area structure taking shape.

Above: Artists impression of the new St Kilda Pier.


St Kilda Pier Detailed Design Artists Impression penguins

Above: Artist's impression of the St Kilda Pier penguin viewing area. 


Project funding

This project is being delivered with a $53 million funding investment from the Victorian Government.


Project timeline

  • 2020-2021 - Detailed Design (Complete)
  • February 2022 - Construction commences
  • August - September 2022 – Piling works continue from water and relocation of the foreshore rock groyne
  • December 2022 – Continued installation of precast concrete headstocks and deck panels and pouring of the concrete deck
  • January - April 2023 - Establish temporary diversion away from the kiosk using gangways and pontoons. Continued installation of steel piles, precast concrete headstocks and deck panels, pouring of the concrete deck, and commence installation of timber structure and service conduits.
  • Mid 2024 - Completion of the new pier
  • Mid - Late 2024 - Deconstruction of the existing pier will commence following completion of the new pier

Latest news


October 2023

Parks Victoria is seeking a high-quality operator with both the vision and capacity to deliver a contemporary year-round food and beverage experience at the St Kilda Kiosk. The Expression of Interest (EOI) for the Kiosk opened Monday 16 October. Applications are open until 4pm Friday 20 December 2023. Information available here.

September 2023

The outline of the 450m new pier is now in place and clearly visible to visitors to the area. Work has progressed well over winter and involved demolishing the outer section of the old pier to allow the outer headstocks and decking structure of the new pier to be built. Watch a video filmed in September 2023 here.

March 2023

The new pier is becoming more visible each month, with new steel piles in place, and the installation of new timber decking well underway. The existing breakwater rock shelter is being retained and piles for the new penguin viewing platform are now in place. Read the full update here.

December 2022

The new St Kilda Pier is really starting to take shape with the new alignment now clearly visible. Jutting out into the bay to the south of the existing pier, the layout of the new main pier section and low landing are prominent following significant work over the past months installing piles, concrete headstocks and concrete deck panels.

3 March 2022 - Works underway media release

18 February 2022 - Construction phase 

After years in planning, the iconic St Kilda Pier redevelopment has entered the much-anticipated construction phase. With works starting this week, the anticipated timeframe to build the new pier is approximately 18 to 24 months, subject to weather or technical issues.

17 November 2021

Work on the new St Kilda Pier will soon begin with the appointment of the lead construction partner following a two-stage public tender process. Minister for Ports and Freight Melissa Horne today announced Simpson Constructions would complete the $53 million St Kilda Pier Redevelopment project with off-site works starting shortly. Construction alongside the existing St Kilda Pier is scheduled to start in early 2022, with the new pier due to be completed by early 2024.

1 May 2021 - Revitalisation plans for the iconic St Kilda Pier build momentum.

Today, the highly anticipated St Kilda Pier redevelopment is a step closer with the release of construction ready detailed designs. The Victorian Government's $50 million commitment to the St Kilda Pier rebuild is the biggest construction project for any pier asset in Victoria's history breathing new life into the iconic bayside destination.

A robust consultation and planning design process over the last three years has arrived at a stunning curved structure providing improved access and facilities for commercial and recreational users, greater protection for the Little Penguin colony and sustained economic benefits for Victoria.

Schematic designs released in December 2020 have undergone further consultation and refinement to ensure the design achieves optimum constructability, functionality and longevity.

The detailed design includes resolution of the structural and architectural elements, provides safe access and use by pedestrians, vehicles and vessels, and facilities to complement the visitor experience. This includes new public toilets, shelter, seating and back of house kiosk facilities. Details include use of timber for the penguin viewing platform to provide a more natural feel and space for seating; inclusion of a beach access ramp to allow access for visitors and council's beach cleaning tractor; a variety of seating options; and energy efficient lighting for safe public access in the evenings while minimising environmental and aesthetic impacts.


Who are we working with?

Department of Transport and Planning

City of Port Phillip

Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action


Access changes

  • As part of major works, from February 15 2022, locals can expect to see site establishment near the start of the pier and Catani Gardens. This will involve trucks delivering equipment, the set up of a fenced construction compound and a section of Pier Road being closed to through traffic. Access to the Sea Baths will remain open from Jacka Boulevard. Following site establishment, the first stage of works will occur out on the southern breakwater near the St Kilda Pier kiosk. 
  • Map of construction compound and detours (site establishment to commence 15 February 2022)


Related information

Community updates


Community consultation

Local knowledge and insights are important in the detailed design and construction phase of the project. Community engagement will continue throughout the construction phase of the project, with regular project updates and stakeholder briefings. Anyone with an interest in the project can stay in-touch by signing up for email updates


Community/Stakeholder Reference Group

We’ve established a stakeholder reference group (SRG) to help share information and minimise impacts during construction on stakeholders and community. The SRG consists of members who represent the views and interests of stakeholders and community groups. This group provides a forum for sharing information, gaining feedback and capturing local views.

The group consists of the following representatives:
• City of Port Phillip
• Earthcare - St Kilda
• Kiosk Tenant
• Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron
• St Kilda Life Saving Club
• St Kilda Sea Baths

If you wish to get in contact with any SRG representatives please contact Parks Victoria on 13 1963 or email


2017 Community Engagement Phase

In 2017, we engaged with more than 550 people to identify a design for a redeveloped St Kilda Pier that would best support the local community and visitors. A stakeholder reference group was established, and feedback was given in community and stakeholder forums, at market stands and via an online survey on Engage Victoria. The Engagement Summary Report provides an overview of the values, ideas and aspirations provided by community members and stakeholders during the engagement period in 2017. This feedback has been taken into consideration and used to inform the design and desired characteristics, facilities and services for the new pier.

2017 - St Kilda Pier Redevelopment Engagement Summary Report




Why do we need a new pier?

St Kilda Pier is an iconic part of Melbourne’s history, and Parks Victoria is committed to ensuring it remains a great place to visit. The pier has been rebuilt and repaired in response to age or damage many times since the 1850s. The current pier, built in the 1970s, is approaching the end of its 50-year design life. Parks Victoria has been considering the future of the Pier for several years, in response to both the expected replacement works, and in response to recent and future planning in the surrounding areas. Designing and building a new pier provides us with an opportunity to refresh the services and amenity the pier provides to Victorians and our visitors, and to strengthen its connection to the foreshore and the broader beach experience.


How did you decide on the curved pier option?

Two options, a curved or straight pier design were developed from a pier design concept developed in 2007/8 and published in the St Kilda Harbour Master Plan. During September and October 2017, more than 550 people engaged with us about the redevelopment of St Kilda Pier and provided feedback on the two options. A community reference group was established, and feedback was provided in community and stakeholder forums, face to face at market stands and via an online survey on Engage Victoria. There was resounding support for the curved pier option, over the like for like replacement of a straight pier. Further professional advice from engineers and designers was sought in the development of the design and in 2017 Parks Victoria, City of Port Philip and the Victorian Government endorsed the curved option.


What parts of St Kilda Pier are being replaced?

The section of pier that connects the foreshore to the kiosk is the primary focus of this project. In addition, this is an opportunity to provide better protection for the Little Penguin colony; improve the viewing area and provide all-abilities access to it.


Will the pier be closed to visitors during construction?

Construction of the new pier commenced in mid February 2022. The current pier will remain open during the construction of the new pier. Only once the new pier is ready for public use, will the old pier be dismantled.


What are the project work hours?

Work hours are Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm. To minimise disturbance to weekend trading and events, work on Saturdays between 7am and 1pm will be used as a contingency only. Some quiet work outside these hours will include arriving at site, tidying up, office work and checking on site safety and security. Notification will be provided to project site neighbours if work is required outside these hours.


What impacts will there be on the pier’s Little Penguin colony?

St Kilda Pier Breakwater is home to a colony of nearly 1,300 Little Penguins. As part of the project, a new visitor viewing platform will be constructed to improve penguin viewing and provide penguins with more protection. The platform is being designed with specialist input to ensure that penguins can move freely without the current intrusions of humans. Parks Victoria works closely with Earthcare St Kilda to monitor and care for the penguin colony. This will continue during construction, and penguin safety is the highest priority during work near the Little Penguin colony. Working closely with the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA), Parks Victoria has obtained all environmental and wildlife permits and developing and implementing a Wildlife Management Plan to ensure the safety of the penguins and other wildlife during construction.


Where can I swim?

The pier is an essential part of St Kilda harbour and is a busy working area important for activities including boating, fishing, socialising, viewing wildlife, walking and photography. The beach at St Kilda Pier is unpatrolled so swimming is encouraged outside St Kilda Life Saving Club which is approximately 400m south of the pier. This site also has a disability beach access ramp, beach matting and beach wheelchairs. The club also has a full Changing Places facility with a hoist and change table.


How many people currently visit St Kilda Pier?

More than 800,000 people currently visit St Kilda Pier every year to enjoy the view, go fishing and spend time with friends and family. In peak season, the pier hosts more than 6,000 visitors a day.


Who can I contact for more information?

If you have questions or want to learn more about a project, you can call the Parks Victoria team on 13 19 63 or email us at You can also sign up for email updates relating to St Kilda Pier.  

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