St Kilda Pier Redevelopment

A $50.3 million investment to rebuild the St Kilda Pier will give locals and visitors better public open space and better swimming spots, while preserving the historic kiosk. A new curved pier will replace the current pier, with new features that will boost tourism and preserve it for future generations to enjoy.

Project duration and key dates

Commencing - 2020
Completion - 2023

The new pier is expected to be completed by mid-2023.
Deconstruction of the existing pier will commence following completion of the new pier with expected completion by the end of 2023.

Project funding

$50.3 million

Project Partner

Department of Transport

Key information

The pier is a much-loved symbol of St Kilda, with a curved design selected after an extensive community consultation process in 2017. The pier will measure about 450m in length and will be constructed from concrete and timber. It will be wide enough for emergency vehicles, separating pedestrians and vehicles and will be accessible for all abilities.

The penguins will be better protected as a result of this project, with a new viewing platform that will remove access by people to the breakwater – the home of the St Kilda Pier penguins, a colony of nearly 1,300 birds. We will ensure an impact mitigation plan is enforced to protect the safety of the penguins during the works.

The current pier will remain open during construction of the new pier so visitors can continue to enjoy the area during this time. The old pier will be dismantled once the new pier is ready for public use.

Other information

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