Outdoor family fun

Spending time in nature is a wonderful way for the whole family to have fun together. It boosts wellbeing, helps you to connect, reduces stress and can help everyone be more physically active.   

Unfortunately, families are spending less time outdoors than ever before. In the last two decades there has been a big shift from outdoor leisure activities to indoor, sedentary, and screen-based activities. Alongside this shift we have seen an alarming increase in both children and adults who are overweight, not getting enough physical activity, and experiencing chronic disease and mental health conditions.  

Research has shown that people begin to feel mentally restored after spending 15 minutes in a park and these feelings increase after a short walk.  

There are many opportunities in Victoria’s parks for your family to spend time together, have fun and get active to improve your physical, mental, and social wellbeing and connection. Have a picnic at your local park, take a self-guided or volunteer-led walk, try your hand at fishing, or take the kids on an adventure to one of our many playgrounds. 


Why kids and teens are born to be outdoors!

Many of us have fond memories of hours spent outdoors as children, being happy and free to investigate our natural surroundings. It may have been in your garden or a local park or forest.  

Being in nature inspires children and teenagers to explore, make friends, push their physical and emotional boundaries, learn about taking risks and it gives them a sense of belonging. Time spent outdoors helps boost children’s resilience and adaptability while also being good for their physical fitness, bone health, motor development, weight, immunity, memory, attention span, wellbeing and more. 

So why not take the kids on a volunteer-led discovery walk or join a Junior Ranger activity? Or explore the many playgrounds, all abilities playscapes, and kid-friendly walks that encourage children to use their imagination, creativity and curiosity. For older children, encourage them to learn new skills and make new friends through an activity such as mountain biking, sailing, surfing, or volunteering

Activities for kids, teens and families

These are some of the fun activities that kids, teens and families might enjoy doing in parks.
A father teaches his young daughter to ride a bike in Braeside Park.


Cycling is a great way to enjoy the beautiful surroundings in parks. Whether you're looking for a leisurely ride or downhill adrenalin rush, Victoria's parks have something for you.
A three year old boy leads his mum and younger brother through the forest near Grants Picnic Ground.

Family activities

Stash some supplies into a back pack and take the family out for a day trip and in only a short drive from Melbourne you can be surrounded by nature.
Four children and a ranger take a closer look at a rockpool.

Junior Rangers

Encourage the kids to explore Victoria's surprising plants and wildlife with a real Park Ranger, or download activities to complete anytime.
A young mountain biker attempts a drop while cheered on by his father and older sister at the You Yangs Regional Park.

Mountain biking

Explore parks on two wheels with mountain bike trails to suit most experience and fitness levels.
Two teenage girls take part in a sailing race on Port Philip Bay in a small boat called Inkspot.

Boating and sailing

Take to the waves of Port Phillip and see Victoria's coast from the water or sail inland lakes and rivers by boat or charter.
Two friends fish off the back a boat on a misty morning on Lake Eildon.


In quiet lakes and gently flowing rivers, in the pounding surf or in the depths beneath your boat – the waters of Victoria’s parks and reserves offer some prize catches.
Three friends enjoy a picnic on the grass in front of the historic Wallace Hut.


Head outdoors for lunch in the warmer months and enjoy a picnic in some of nature's most relaxing and inspiring settings.
Three women in casual clothing holding seedlings


Discover hundreds of exciting volunteer opportunities around Victoria and learn about groups working in your local area. There are volunteer activities for every age group, skill and ability type.
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