Car parking in Albert Park Reserve


Car parking in Albert Park Reserve

Albert Park

Parking fees apply to all car parks and kerbside parking spaces within Albert Park Reserve. Time restrictions and ticket requirements are shown on parking signs within the park.

All vehicles in pay-for-parking areas of Albert Park Reserve need to purchase a ticket from one of the ticket machines in the park. To avoid parking fines, tickets must be displayed prominently on the dashboard.

The parking fees from 1 July 2019 are:

Weekday hourly rate (8 am to 5 pm): $5.40 per hour
Weekday evening rates (5 pm to 9 pm): $5.40 flat rate
Weekday all day rate: $13.00 per day
Weekend all day rate: $5.40 flat rate

Parks Victoria administers a system of parking permits to provide discounted parking for legitimate sports clubs, businesses and tradespeople conducting work within Albert Park Reserve. By displaying a valid parking permit, permit holders are exempt from a number of parking restrictions.

Parking permit fees

Sports Club Permit – 6 months: $34.20
Sports Club Permit – 6 months concession*: $17.10
Sports Club Permit – 12 months: $68.70
Sports Club Permit – 12 months concession*: $34.20
Junior Sports Club Permit – 12 months: $17.00
Tenant Permit – 1 month to 12 months: $71.20 per month
Tradespersons Permit – 7 days: $25.00

*Concession prices are available for eligible concession cardholders including Centrelink Health Care Card, Centrelink Pensioner Card, Veterans Affairs Gold Card for All Conditions, Veterans Affairs Gold Card War Widow, Veterans Affairs Gold Card TPI and Veterans Affairs Gold card POW and EDA.

The net revenue from parking fees will continue to be reinvested back into Albert Park Reserve services and facilities and the sports and recreation club grant program.

For further information on Car Parking in Albert Park Reserve, email or see the Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).


type and duration


Permit Fee*
(incl. GST)

Sports club parking permit

(6 month or 12 month)

Exempts permit holder from paying the relevant parking fee. All time restrictions still apply.

Note: Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) members/users should contact MSAC management regarding its parking arrangements.

May only be used for parking within the vicinity of your club whilst attending your club’s activities.

$34.20 / 6 month
$17.10 / 6 month concession

$68.70 / 12 month
$34.20 / 12 month concession

Junior sports club parking permit

(12 month)

For parents/guardians of junior sportsclub members. Exempts permit holder from paying the relevant parking fee. All time restrictions still apply.

Note: MSAC members/users should contact MSAC management regarding its parking arrangements.

May only be used for parking within the vicinity of your club whilst attending your club’s activities.

$17.00 / 12 month

Tenant parking permit

(1 month to 12 month)

Weekly or weekday

Exempts Albert Park tenants and business employees from time restrictions and paying the relevant parking fee.

May be used for parking at the location of the permit holder’s employment within Albert Park Reserve. You must not park your vehicle and then leave Albert Park Reserve.

$71.20 / 1 month

Tradesperson parking permit

Issued for a specified duration. Exempts tradespersons conducting work in Albert Park Reserve from time restrictions and paying the relevant parking fee.

Does not exempt driver from clearways, no stopping areas, loading zones or parking on parkland and other areas where parking is excluded.

$25.00 / week

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How to get there

Car parking in Albert Park Reserve

Change of Conditions

Nature being nature, sometimes conditions can change at short notice. It’s a good idea to check this page ahead of your visit for any updates.

  • Albert Park Lake Path (Albert Park)

    Lake Granitic Path boardwalk closure

    The boardwalk on the lake side of Carousel has been closed in the interests of public safety.  We appreciate your understanding. 

    This closure is temporary and we are working to have the boardwalk repaired and reopened. 

  • Notices Affecting Multiple Sites

    Australian Grand Prix Corporation: Planned Civil Works Notification - Update

    Dear Albert Park Users,
    Please see attached an updated notification from the Australian Grand Prix Corporation regarding the current civil works in Albert Park.
    Lakeside Drive will now remain closed until Friday 21 May 2021, with further detail of the project and road closure schedules available via the page.
    Please do not hesitate to contact the Australian Grand Prix Corporation – Community Relations Team or Parks Victoria if you have any questions regarding this.

    AGPC Community Relations -
    Kind Regards,

    Albert Park Office
    Albert Park, Albert Reserve & Westgate Park
    T (03) 8427 2010
    Parks Victoria
    15A Aughtie Drive, Albert Park VIC 3206


    Attachments: Albert Park Circuit Modifications Road Closure Update Letter 7 April - APPROVED (129KB)

  • Albert Park

    Covid-19 Testing Site Relocation: Pit Lane Aughtie Drive to Aughtie Walk Albert Park

    The Pit Lane, Aughtie Drive testing site is relocating to the Aughtie Walk. This facility is being established by the Department of Health (DH).
    The facility will take up a portion of Aughtie Walk, there will be ample traffic management and direction in the surrounding area, and will be cordoned off from the general public, with security officers in attendance onsite at all times.
    The sporting facilities and the surrounding park will still be available for use by the community during this time.
    For further information about this and other testing sites, please visit

    Attachments: Testing Site Comms- Aughtie Walk (455KB)

Things to do in the area

Two women in activewear walk their dogs while two runners approach them.

Dog walking in Albert Park

With its picturesque lake and network of trails, Albert Park offers your dog a smorgasbord of exciting sights and smells as well as off-lead areas to run and play.
Four friends pat their two dogs next to Albert Park Lake with the Melbourne CBD skyline in the background.

Picnic areas in Albert Park

Albert Park has nine picnic areas around the picturesque lake, which can be used for picnics and barbecues. Each area has a range of facilities including free electric barbecues, playgrounds,shelters and wide open spaces.
Two teenage girls take part in a sailing race on Port Philip Bay in a small boat called Inkspot.

Water activities in Albert Park

Enjoy a day of boating on Albert Park Lake; join a rowing or sailing club or hire a paddle boat.
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