Mornington Harbour Local Port Area Plan

Project status

July 2023

  • Parks Victoria is developing a local port area plan for Mornington Harbour.
  • Initial background research and technical investigations are underway, with stakeholder focus groups now complete.
  • Feedback from stakeholders is being used to inform the draft plan, which will be released for wider community consultation in Spring 2023.

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The project

This project is being delivered on Bunurong Sea Country

A new plan for Mornington Harbour is in development and will draw from previous and current studies, and incorporate aspirations generated from community feedback. 

The Mornington Harbour Local Port Area Plan will propose improvements to meet community needs, balance and enhance existing uses and creating new, safer recreation and commercial opportunities.

This includes providing guidance on the future Fishermans Jetty through review of options and community engagement.  Additional improvements to harbour safety, access and function through review of fairways and the mooring area.

Community feedback on the aspirations and requirements for a successful harbour will be sought to help inform the next stage of the plan.  Planning for the future of Fishermans Jetty will begin in mid-2023, with further details provided to the community and stakeholders once this project progresses.

Aerial view of Mornington Pier and Harbour

Above - An aerial view of Mornington Pier, the mooring ground and various maritime infrastructure.


Map of the Mornington Harbour Local Port Area Plan focus site



Mornington Harbour, on Bunurong Sea Country, is one of the Port Phillip’s iconic yachting and boating destinations. To ensure it continues to be a safe and thriving maritime precinct for many more years to come, Parks Victoria is developing a Local Port Area Plan (plan) for the harbour and water uses.

Focusing on on-water elements, the plan for aims to improve the safety and function at Mornington Harbour. It will ensure we are prepared to respond to existing and future user needs. The plan will seek to define fairways, propose options for a future Fishermans Jetty, provide direction regarding the future layout of swing moorings and berths within the harbour, and consider the needs of other on-water recreational and commercial users.

This project is part of the Victorian Government’s Sustainable Local Ports Framework and Parks Victoria's local ports forward planning program.  Stakeholder and community input is being sought at key stages of the development of the plan in 2023.  

Local ports play an important role for businesses and local communities. This plan will help guide Victorian Government investment priorities and provide a more sustainable approach to meeting economic, tourism and community needs.


Project funding

This planning project is funding by the Victorian Government via the Department of Transport and Planning.


Who are we working with?

A project reference group comprising representatives from Parks Victoria, Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, Better Boating Victoria, Department of Transport and Planning and Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation will advise on the project.


Project timeline

  • Background research and technical investigations - Autumn 2023
  • Preparation of the draft plan - Winter 2023
  • Community consultation of draft plan - Spring 2023
  • Feedback considered - Spring 2023
  • Final plan released:  Summer 2023
  • Planning for Fishermans Jetty rebuild: Underway 2024

Staying updated

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Related information 

Parks Victoria is the local port manager for Port Phillip, Western Port and Port Campbell.  The three local ports combined receive approximately 80 million visits a year, and include 263,000 hectares of waterway, marine protected areas, channels, piers and jetties, moorings and aids to navigation.  



What is the Mornington Harbour local port area plan project?

The Mornington Harbour Local Port Area Plan project is about engaging with stakeholders and the community to understand how they use the harbour, what challenges they experience and ideas for the future, to help inform the development of a plan for the harbour. It will define the vessel fairways in compliance with the relevant Australian Standard, propose a future for Fishermans Jetty, and provide direction regarding the future of the swing moorings and berths which Parks Victoria currently manage within the harbour in consideration of future commercial activations.


Why is the plan needed?

There are many changing circumstances that have the potential to influence the safe operation of the harbour, such as the ability to accommodate larger vessels, expansion of commercial fishing, and the deteriorated condition of Fishermans Jetty.

The plan will consider ways to make the harbour and facilities safer and more accessible and guide the Victorian Government on the priorities for the repair and renewal of infrastructure to meet future economic, tourism and community needs. 


What does the Mornington Harbour local port area plan project include?

The planning process will consider the following known challenges and other relevant matters that are raised throughout the process.

  1. Anticipated impacts of accommodating the berthing and safe movement of larger vessels; 
  2. Maritime safety and compliance with relevant standard for access channels;  
  3. Options for the future of Fisherman’s Jetty; 
  4. Location and number of berths and moorings. 


How can community members contribute to Mornington Harbour local port area plan project?

Once a draft plan is developed, this will be available for community input and comment. The consultation will be delivered on Engage Victoria and promotes locally to encourage input.


How will stakeholders be involved?

A project reference group has established and includes representatives from local government, government agencies and the Traditional Owners. The planning process includes focus groups with stakeholders to inform the development of the draft plan.


What are the steps / processes involved in preparing the plan?

  1. Reviewing existing technical information and undertaking new investigations where required.
  2. Consulting with key users and stakeholders to understand the values, challenges and aspirations for the harbour.
  3. Preparing the draft plan and releasing it for wider community feedback.
  4. Amending the draft plan in response to what we heard.
  5. Finalising and seeking approval of the final plan.


Who is preparing the plan?  

Parks Victoria, in its capacity as local port manager, is leading the project. A project reference group comprising representatives from Parks Victoria, Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, Better Boating Victoria, Department of Transport and Planning and Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation has been convened to advise on the project. 


Who is responsible for managing Mornington Harbour and Fishermans Jetty?

Parks Victoria is responsible for the management of the harbour and on-water infrastructure, as both the Port Manager for the local port of Port Phillip and as the Committee of Management for the Crown Land Reserve. Mornington Peninsula Shire Council manage the public boat ramp and is the landlord for Mornington Yacht Club. The slipway falls within the Mornington Yacht Club lease area.


Why was Fishermans Jetty closed?

Following an inspection by maritime engineers, the Fishermans Jetty was closed due advanced structural deterioration. The jetty has failed and is unsafe for pedestrians and berthing vessels. It has been closed since November 2020.


When will Fisherman’s Jetty be restored and re-opened for public use?

The completed Local Port Area Plan will provide direction on a future for Fishermans Jetty which will inform the  next steps in its replacement, including detailed design, statutory approvals and procurement.


When will the plan be finalised?

The finalised plan is anticipated to be completed by end of 2023.  


How will the plan be implemented?

The plan will set out a future direction for the whole of the harbour and will be used to direct and prioritise future investment under the Government’s Sustainable Local Ports Framework. The Victorian Government has committed funding to rebuild the deteriorated Fishermans Jetty. As part of the planning process, a concept for the new Fishermans Jetty will be developed and released for public consultation.


How will the heritage values of the precinct be considered in the plan?

As part of the planning process, Parks Victoria has engaged an appropriately qualified heritage consultant to provide advice on the heritage values of Fishermans Jetty.


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