Tali Karng


Tali Karng

Alpine National Park

Tali Karng is a hidden jewel nestled deep in the mountains of Gippsland, fed by snowmelt waters of the Wellington Plains. Accessible only by walking track, this tranquil lake is sacred to the Gunaikurnai people. Please treat the area with respect, and do not camp at the lake.

The trip to Tali Karng is an adventurer's dream. Three walking tracks lead to the lake, ranging from 13km to 20km one-way. Whichever you take, you'll need to be fit and experienced, and have everything you need for a full day's walk on hand (see the Visitor Guide for more details). 

Each of the tracks offers a different landscape to experience. Trek across Wellington Plains or ford the Wellington River. The remoteness of the area makes it a magnificent camping spot.

Make camp at Nyimba Camp near the southern end of the Wellington Plains walking track, or below the lake in the Valley of Destruction. Nyimba Camp has toilets and fireplaces. 

Tali Karng is the only natural lake within the Victorian Alps. Held behind a rock barrier created thousands of years ago, the underground stream it feeds emerges at the infant Wellington River 150m below in the Valley of Destruction.

The first people to call this area home were the Gunaikurnai people, most likely members of the Brayakaulung clan. Aboriginal people guided many European explorers and gold miners through the mountains along well-used pathways, which now form some of today's road and track network. 

Tali Karng is a sacred place to the Gunaikurnai and in keeping with their law, Aboriginal people are forbidden to go there. 

Aboriginal people do not oppose non-indigenous people visiting Tali Karng as long as they treat the area with respect. Camping at the lake is disrespectful, so please treat the area with care as you pass by the lake and camp elsewhere. 


Things To Do

This area is well known for its wildlife. Keep an eye out for:

Two women follow the path through scrub up Mt Bogong with mountain views in the distance.

Hiking in Alpine National Park

Explore some of Australia's best mountain walking around Mount Bogong, including the Staircase, Eskdale Spur and a variety of other day hikes and family walks.
Two women camp in the Alpine National Park at twilight.

Dispersed camping in Alpine National Park

The Alpine National Park offers some of the most authentic and scenic bush camping opportunities in Victoria.
Three friends enjoy a picnic on the grass in front of the historic Wallace Hut.

Alpine Discovery Days

Learn about this beautiful and unique region, the historical significance of the Alpine huts, and the stunning natural ecosystem surrounding them from trained Volunteer Park Guides. Alpine Discovery Dyas run on selected days during the summer school holidays and over the Easter long weekend.

How to get there

Tali Karng

The nearest town is Licola. To get there, take Princes Highway to Traralgon, turn off to Heyfield and on to Licola. 

Need to know

Tali Karng

Change of Conditions

Nature being nature, sometimes conditions can change at short notice. It’s a good idea to check this page ahead of your visit for any updates.

  • Alpine National Park

    Moroka River Pedestrian Bridge Closed (Moroka Hut Walking Track)

    The Moroka River Pedestrian Bridge, located on the Moroka Hut Walking Track, is closed. 

    Mt Murray Track North closure

    Due to track damage and poor track condition resulting in a risk to visitors, environmental damage and further track damage, Mt Murray Track North remains closed.
    Alternate route is Selwyn Creek Rd-Mt Murray Logging Road.
    In the interest of visitor safety, this road is closed until further notice until track repairs can be undertaken.

    Eastern Alps track closures due to storm and flood damage

    The 4x4 tracks in the Eastern Region are an iconic part of Victoria and an important focal point for many people. With a large number of visits per year, they are very popular for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, mountain biking and four-wheel driving.
    Unfortunately, sometimes we must close infrastructure in the interests of public safety and environmental protection.

    The following tracks have been significantly damaged by storms and floods and are currently closed to motor vehicles to ensure public safety and environmental protection:
    • Cobberas Track
    • Macfarlane Flat Track
    • Ingeegoodbee Track
     The tracks are likely to remain closed to motor vehicles until detailed site assessments have been completed. Assessments and repair works are not expected to be completed until late 2024 / early 2025.
    Before visiting, Visitors should always check the Parks Victoria website for the latest information about their destination.

    Temporary Road Closure - Razorback Spur Track, 6 Mile Road and Holloways Log Road

    The annual Mitta Car Rally will be occurring on Saturday the 16th of March. This Rally will be traveling trough the State Forest and National Park around Mitta Mitta with rolling road closures as participants pass through the different stages. The event will run from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. The Razorback Spur Track, 6 Mile Road and Holloways Log Road within the Alpine National Park will be closed from 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm to ensure participant  and visitor safety. Alternative routes will need to be used during this period.

    Ambyne Settlement Road - Very Poor Condition, Limited Access to Alpine National Park east of the Snowy River

    Ambyne Settlement Road passes through private property and links Ambyne Road with Ambyne Track, Amboyne Boundary Track and Blackguard Gully Track.  This road provides one of the few access routes into and out of the Alpine National Park on the eastern side of the Snowy River.

    Recent severe storms caused local flash flooding in the Ambyne Valley and have resulted in parts of Ambyne Settlement Road becoming severely damaged with washed out creek crossings in several areas.

    Visitors need to be advised that access into and out of the Alpine National Park via Ambyne Settlement Road is currently very difficult and should only be attempted by experienced drivers with high clearance 4WDs and recovery equipment.

    There are no alternate, publicly accessible routes nearby which provide access through the private property in the Ambyne Valley.

    Attachments: Map - Ambyne Settlement Rd - Very Poor Condition (1,400KB)

    Mt Pinnibar Track - poor track conditions

    Mt Pinnibar Track, between Walkers Road and Tom Groggin Track, has developed sections of significant and deep track erosion following flood and storm events.
    While the track remains open it is recommended that only experienced drivers in well equipped 4WD vehicles attempt this track in dry conditions.
    All visitors are advised to consider alternate routes to the summit of Mt Pinnibar until repairs can be carried out.

    Bogong High Plains Road

    Following the landslide at Bogong Village the Bogong High Plains Road is now open however remediation work will continue into the foreseeable future to rectify the damage created by the landslide. Parks Victoria advises that all visitors check the Regional Roads Victoria and  Victoria's big build website for the latest traffic updates on closures or delays before visiting.

    King Billy Track - Poor Road Condition

    Following recent flood and Storm events, large bog holes have formed on king Billy Track. The track remains open for park visitors and is passable with a well equipped Four-Wheel drive vehicle. Parks Victoria staff would advise experienced drivers only to attempt this track in dry conditions.

    Repairs are scheduled for early 2024.

    Restricted Access at Eastern end of Spring Saddle Track

    The eastern end of Spring Saddle Track has restricted access due to machinery continuing to clear soil as part of the Bogong Village landslip remediation works.  The track is open to pedestrian traffic but not vehicles and no Park visitors will be able to enter the works site at the Eastern end of Spring Saddle Track. There is signage explaining the restrictions at the Spring Saddle Track Fainter Fire Trail intersections. 

    Storm Damage to Dry River Walking Track

    Dry River Walking Track has been impacted by storm events and is in poor condition and difficult to navigate with horses. Alternative tracks should be considered.

  • Notices Affecting Multiple Parks

    Partial park closures - planned aerial shooting operations targeting deer

    Parks Victoria will be conducting aerial shooting operations targeting deer. Partial park closures will be in place during these operations. See below for dates.
    NOTE: Visitors are advised to check the Change of conditions listing prior to arrival for up to date information and maps. For more information about the program and park closures, please visit this link.
    Snowy River NP
    18-22 March 2024
    25-29 March 2024
    16-20 September 2024
    9-13 December 2024
    Croajingolong NP
    18-22 March 2024
    25-29 March 2024
    16-20 September 2024
    9-13 December 2024
    Cape Conran CP
    16-20 September 2024
    9-13 December 2024
    Alpine National Park – Bogong High Plains, Dinner Plain, Dargo High Plains and Feathertop
    29 April – 3 May 2024
    18-22 November 2024
    Alpine National Park – Eastern Alps, Tom Groggin
    11-15 November 2024
    Mt Buffalo National Park
    18-22 November 2024

    Ground shooting operations targeting deer

    Control operations (ground shooting) targeting deer are undertaken in this area.  The Park will remain open to visitors during operations.
    For more information about deer control to protect biodiversity, please visit this link.

  • Davies Plain Hut & Camping Area (Alpine National Park)

    Davies Plain Track - 2.3 km track section currently closed due to flood damage

    A 2.3km section of Davies Plain Track, near Davies Plain Hut Camping Area within the Alpine National Park, is currently closed to all vehicles because of significant water damage and severe erosion, following recent flood and storm events in the area.  As a result of the temporary closure, Davies Plain Track is not a thoroughfare for vehicles between Tom Groggin and Charlies Creek Camping Area. There is currently no vehicle access to Davies Plain Hut or the adjoining camping area, pending further assessments and subsequent repairs. Nearest camping areas accessible to suitable 4WD vehicles on Davies Plain Track are Charlies Creek Camping Area to the south; and Buckwong Creek Camping Area to the north (near Tom Groggin). 

  • McNamara Hut (Buckety Plain) Camping Area (Bundara - Cobungra Remote and Natural Area, Alpine National Park)

    McNamara Hut (Buckety Plain) Camping Area (Bundara-Cobungra Remote and Natural Area, Alpine National Park

    A sink hole has appeared on Trap Yard Gap Track between the Bogong High Plains Road and the locked gate 500 m away from McNamara Hut camping ground in the Bundara Buckety Plain area. Trap Yard Gap Track has been closed to vehicles for their own safety and to maintain the integrity of the road. There is flagging/caution tape across the track where it exists the Bogong High Plains Road to highlight that the track should not be driven on. 

    McNamara Hut (Buckety Plain) Camping Area (Bundara-Cobungra Remote and Natural Area, Alpine National Park

    A sink hole has appeared on Trap Yard Gap Track between the Bogong High Plains Road and the locked gate 500 m away from McNamara Hut camping ground in the Bundara Buckety Plain area. Trap Yard Gap Track has been closed to vehicles for their own safety and to maintain the integrity of the road. There is flagging/caution tape across the track where it exists the Bogong High Plains Road to highlight that the track should not be driven on. 

Explore Alpine National Park

Three friends stop for a quick drink late in the afternoon on their walk from Hotham to Falls Creek.

Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing

One of Victoria's icon walks, the 37km Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing (FHAC) is a 3 day/2 night walk through the Alpine National Park, linking the resort villages of Falls Creek and Mt Hotham.
Two friends walk along the Brabralung Trail near Dinner Plain in the Alpine National Park.

Brabralung Trail

Enjoy a pleasant walk or cycle through Snow Gum woodland and open snow plains. Starting at the Hotham General Store and finishing at Dinner Plain Village, the trail is never far from the Great Alpine Road.
Two people walk along the Razorback towards Mt Feathertop in the Alpine National Park.

Mount Feathertop

Stunning Alpine landscape with Victoria's second highest peak, Mt Feathertop towering above Harrietville in the Ovens Valley.
A wide view of Lake Cobbler under a blue sky.

Lake Cobbler

Nestled in Alpine Ash and Gums is Lake Cobbler, where you can find camping and day visitor areas, hut and toilet facilities, and abundant wildlife. The overflow from this lake feeds Dandongadale Falls on the Cobbler Plateau. Adventurous hikers can find the head of the hiking trail to the summit of Mount Cobbler nearby.
Two women sit beside the ephemeral Paradise Falls located near the headwaters of the King River in the Alpine National Park.

Paradise Falls

Paradise Falls cascade 31 metres and are most spectacular in spring, early summer or after rain. The walk to the viewing platform is a well‐made stepped track perfect for all ability levels.
Two women walk towards the summit of Mt Bogong in the Alpine National Park.

Mount Bogong

At 1986 metres, Mt Bogong is the highest peak in Victoria and attracts hikers and skiers.
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