Water activities


Water activities

Warby-Ovens National Park

The still waters, shady banks and sandy beaches of the Ovens River provide great opportunities for fun in the water.

There are many beautiful spots to swim in the Ovens River and its wetlands, but please exercise caution and actively supervise children in or near water.

The maze of channels and wetlands in the lower reaches of the river offer some of the best still water canoeing in the state. With care, power boats can explore the river for several kilometres upstream from Camerons Bend. 

Boat ramps are located at the Bundalong Day Visitor Area and Camerons Bend, which offer all-year round access. Check www.transportsafety.vic.gov.au to ensure you have the appropriate boat driving licence and vessel registration.

There are many good spots for both shore and boat-based fishing. Possible catches include Murray Cod, Trout, Golden Perch and Redfin. For information on Victorian recreational fishing licences, seasonal restrictions and protected species, and the Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide visit www.vfa.vic.gov.au

Things to do in the area

The reflection of the sky in the Ovens River wetlands in the Warby-Ovens National Park

Camping in Warby-Ovens

Choose from a range of unpowered camping options, including Wenham's Camp, Killawarra Forest Camp and dispersed bush camping along the Ovens River. No fees or bookings are required. Campers must be self-sufficient and bring their own firewood and drinking water.
A boardwalk in the Warby-Ovens National Park

Walking in Warby-Ovens

Explore Warby Ranges and Killawarra Forest with a variety of walks along designated tracks, ranging in length and difficulty. There are no defined walking tracks along the Ovens River, but visitors can explore the River Red Gum forests by following the vehicle tracks and riverbanks. A GPS or topographic map and compass is recommended.
A picturesque photo of the stone hut near the Horn at Mt Buffalo.

Mount Buffalo National Park

Sheer cliffs, granite tors, waterfalls and big views make Mount Buffalo a must-see alpine retreat

How to get there

Water activities


Boat Ramp

Water activities

Escape from the heat of summer along the Ovens River and enjoy some swimming, fishing, canoeing or boating.

Need to know

Water activities

Similar water activities


Canoeing and Kayaking

Canoeing and kayaking are great ways to explore beautiful waterways. Enjoy the tranquility and spot wildlife that hikers don’t normally see.
Two friends fish off the back a boat on a misty morning on Lake Eildon.


In quiet lakes and gently flowing rivers, in the pounding surf or in the depths beneath your boat – the waters of Victoria’s parks and reserves offer some prize catches.
Two friends go for a swim in Lake Elusive in Croajingolong National Park.

Freshwater swimming

Take a cool, invigorating dip in fresh waterholes, streams and lakes. Be sure to observe safety signs and take caution when swimming in nature.
A woman playfully splashing a friend in another canoe with her paddle on the Glenelg River

Glenelg River Canoe Trail

The Glenelg River offers excellent opportunities for flat water canoeing over the 75kms from Dartmoor to its mouth near Nelson. For much of its distance the river flows through the Lower Glenelg National Park, enabling enthusiasts to observe wildlife in its natural environment.
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