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Day walks

Grampians National Park

Grampians National Park is part of the Gariwerd Aboriginal cultural landscape. Parks Victoria respects the deep and continuing connection that Traditional Owners have to these lands and waters, and we recognise their ongoing role in caring for Country.

Barengi Gadjin Land Council


Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation

Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation

Get a sample of the Grampians Peaks Trail with one of our suggested day walks. Explore the ancient, rugged landscape of Gariwerd and discover the natural beauty of the Grampians National Park.


Mt Stapylton Loop

Mt Zero Picnic Area or alternatively from Stapylton Campground

Loop: 9.7km, 4 - 5hrs

Grade 4 (Hard): Challenging steep sections, rock hopping, slippery surfaces and exposed rocky outcrops.

Start: Mt Zero Picnic Area, Mt Zero Road.

Follow Grampians Peaks Trail markers for 500m up ‘Flat Rock’ to an outcrop overlooking the Stapylton Amphitheatre and the spectacular orange-coloured Taipan Wall. Continue downhill to the next track junction where the Loop walk begins. You will return to this point later.

Keep left and continue 1.3km before beginning to climb steadily up and over rocky terraces, passing ‘bird rock’.

At the Mt Stapylton summit intersection take the 600m return walk to the lower area before continuing south along the Grampians Peaks Trail. The track winds its way up, over and under rocky outcrops for the next 2.3km.

At the next track junction follow signs leaving the Grampians Peaks Trail and head west, downhill towards Pohlners Road and the Stapylton Campground track junction where the track heads north-west for 3km leading back into the Stapylton Amphitheatre and back on to the Grampians Peaks Trail.

This concludes the loop and you return to Mt Zero Picnic Area via Flat Rock.


Lower Waterfalls of Gar (Mt Difficult)

Troopers Creek Campground Return walk: 4.2km. 2 hours

Grade 3 (Medium): Steep sections. Steep rock steps and walking track, creek crossings, slippery rocks, and exposed cliff edges. Note: the walking track beyond the falls and on to Gar (Mt Difficult) and Briggs Bluff is Grade 4: Hard. For fit, experienced and prepared walkers only.

Start: From Troopers Creek Campground. A series of seasonal waterfalls that are best seen after rain. Spectacular views from rocky lookouts.

Follow the creek side track steadily uphill for 1.8km past the first small waterfall spilling from a wave-shaped rock. Continue on upwards enjoying fine views to finish at the base of the third waterfall. Return via the same route.


Lake Wartook Lookout

Mt Difficult Road Return walk: 1.1km, 40 minutes

Grade 3 (Medium): Uneven surfaces, slippery rocks, exposed cliff edges.

Start: Lake Wartook Lookout, Mt Difficult Road. Approximately 4.5km north of Boroka Lookout carpark.

From the roadside you will walk west before climbing steadily up rock staircases and over rocky terraces to finally climb through a narrow rocky slot onto the summit. Return via the same route.


Lake Wartook Lookout to Halls Gap

Mt Difficult Road

One-way: 10.9km, 3-4 hours

Vehicle drop/shuffle required or 20.7km return, 6-7 hours

Grade 4 (Hard): Challenging steep sections, rock hopping, slippery surfaces and exposed rocky outcrops.

Start: Lake Wartook Lookout, Mt Difficult Road. Note: unsealed road access to the lookout car park requires higher clearance vehicles. Limited parking available.

From Lake Wartook Lookout follow the Grampians Peaks Trail south for 1.1km to cross the Mt Difficult Road and for 2km walk through low forest before taking steep descending steps into taller forest. It is a gradual downhill walk south via the Chatauqua Peak saddle, Clematiss Falls and the Botanic Gardens into Halls Gap.


Signal Peak

Mt Abrupt Carpark

Return walk: 7.8km, 3 - 4 hours

Grade 4 (Hard): Challenging steep sections, rock hopping, slippery surfaces and exposed rocky outcrops.

Start: Mt Abrupt Carpark. Cross the Grampians Tourist Road and follow the signs to Mt Abrupt and Signal Peak. The track steadily rises through low forest, crossing several landslides that occurred in 2011.

Turn right after 1.7km at the track junction. Signal Peak is 2.2km from here. Follow the track for 2.2km as it winds below a rocky escarpment and through a saddle with tall trees. From the saddle the track climbs up onto the drier western slopes of Signal Peak passing through heathy vegetation before finally reaching the summit at an elevation of 780m.


More Grampians Peaks Trail experiences

Find out more about other options for hiking experiences along the Grampians Peaks Trail.
Two friends walk along the track south of Redmans Bluff with views of the Serra Range in the background on central section 3 of the GPT

Grampians Peaks Trail

The Grampians Peaks Trail (160km) is a world-class 13-day hiking experience from Mt Zero in the north, through Halls Gap and finishing at Dunkeld. It can also be completed in shorter sections.
A young man offers his hand to his walking partner at the summit of The Pinnacle in the Grampians National Park.

The Pinnacle walks

Choose from two different routes up to The Pinnacle lookout – an easy to medium walk from Sundial Carpark and a more challenging walk from Wonderland Carpark.
Walking through the Wonderland Range on Central Section 1 of the Grampians Peaks Trail

Overnight Hikes

Choose from two different 2-day hikes available and explore the trail that little bit further.

Brambuk The National Park and Cultural Centre

Before setting off on your Grampians Peaks Trail hike, visit Brambuk the National Park and Cultural Centre in Halls Gap for topographical maps and speak to knowledgeable staff for the latest park information.

Grampians Peaks Trail Day Walks

This area is well known for its wildlife. Keep an eye out for:


How to get there

Day walks

The Grampians Peaks Trail currently starts and finishes in Halls Gap, which is a good starting point for anyone looking to walk or hike any of the trails in the Grampians National Park. The 260 km drive to Halls Gap from Melbourne along the Western or Glenelg Highways takes about 3 hours. There are approaches to Halls Gap via Stawell, Ararat or Dunkeld.


Amenities - Toilet & Shower Block

Need to know

Day walks

Change of Conditions

Nature being nature, sometimes conditions can change at short notice. It’s a good idea to check this page ahead of your visit for any updates.

  • Grampians Peaks Trail - Borough Huts to Halls Gap (Grampians National Park)

    Grampians Peaks Trail - Important information update

    Grampians Peaks Trail - Important information updates
    The most reliable source of water on Grampians Peaks Trail are the serviced water tanks located at trailheads and road access points/ road crossings.  These tanks are marked on the topographic map and are serviced regularly by Parks Victoria. This water is untreated so may require further treatment by walkers.
    Water at hike-in campgrounds, if available, is generally supplied for extra cooking and hand washing supply at camp and is untreated. When rainfall is minimal, water supply at hike-in campgrounds cannot be guaranteed. It is important that walkers fill up at serviced trailheads or road crossings prior to undertaking each overnight section of the walk. 
    Serviced GPT Water Tanks - Trailheads
    Mt Zero Picnic Area
    54H 622593 E 5916314 N
    Coppermine Track Crossing
    54H 626028 E 5912465 N
    Gar (Roses Gap Road) Trail Head
    54H 627470 E 5906120 N
    Mt Difficult Road Crossing (North)
    Redman Road Crossing
    54H 637531 E 5878975 N
    Mt William Rd 2
    54H 640566 E 5873211 N
    Mt William Summit (Install by Jan 30)
    54H 641994 E 5871285 N
    Jimmy Creek Rd Crossing
    54H 634182 E 5862766 N
    Yarram Gap Rd Crossing
    54H 631094 E 5854728 N
    Griffin Trailhead
    54H 624362 E 5848912 N
    Dunkeld Reservoir Road Crossing
    54H 618375 E 5835899 N
    Sturgeon MVO Road Crossing
    54H 617081 E 5835321 N
    Please note current changes to some marked water sources:
    ·       N2 –Gar Trailhead: Water levels are low at Gar hike-in campground. Fill with enough water at Gar Trailhead (Roses Gap Road) to get through to Mt Difficult Road crossing (north), just north of Werdug Hike in campground Grid Reference: 54H 632908 E 5896505 N
    ·       N4 - Lake Wartook Lookout: Water tank is not installed as marked on map edition 1 at Lake Wartook Lookout car park. To get you through to Halls Gap, fill up at ‘Mt Difficult Road crossing' (North) Grid Reference: 54H 632908 E 5896505 N.
    ·       C4 - Mt William Carpark: Water tank not installed at car park as marked on map edition 1. Fill up at Mt William Rd access 2 Grid Ref: 54H 640566 E 5873211 N. Emergency marker GNP 228. New tank to be installed at Mt William summit within next fortnight.
    ·       S1 - Yarram Hike-in Campground:  Water tank at campground currently empty. Before walking this section, fill with water at Jimmy Creek Road Crossing Grid ref: 54H 634182 E 5862766 N. Next available water is at Yarram Gap Road crossing.
    ·       S3 - Mud-dadjug Hike-in Campground: Water tank at campground currently empty. Prior to walking into Mud-dadjug hike in campground, fill up with extra water at Djardji-djawara hike in campground. Next available water is at the Dunkeld Reservoir road crossing south of Mt Abrupt (Mud-Dadjug) Grid Ref: 54H 618375 E 5835899 N.

    *Changes will be made to the topographic maps to represent these locations in the next edition. 

    For further information please contact Brambuk the National Park and Cultural Centre Halls Gap, Phone 8427 2058, or

  • Brambuk the National Park and Cultural Centre (Brambuk - The National Park and Cultural Centre Park, Grampians National Park)

    Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park Access Update

    National Park Access updates 

    Attachments: Grampians National Park Access Update 18th January 2022 (242KB)

    Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park Road Access Report

    Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park: Road Access Update Report

    Attachments: Grampians NP Road Report - 20.1.2022 (167KB)

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