Wye River Fire Recovery

After the fires of 2015, $3.4m was has been invested in projects chosen by the community to re-establish the landscape and improve visitor experiences; including Jamieson Creek Campground and a new 5km walking trail.

Project duration & key dates

Works commenced – November 2018
Works complete – 2020

Now open - the Jamieson Creek Walking Track Separation Creek and the Jamieson Creek Campground
Closed - Jamieson Creek Campground

Project funding

$3.4 million

Key information

With a focus on environmental sustainability, the local economy and renewing the community’s connection to the Great Otway National Park, this funding supports local businesses and restore the social values of the area, enabling

• Construction of a walking track connecting Jamieson Creek Campground to Separation Creek
• Upgrades to the Jamieson Creek campsite
• Upgrades to the Sheoak Falls Walking Track
• An environmental restoration program, along with weed and pest management to protect areas of high environmental value and community significance
• Completion of the Otway Bioscan, to profile the local biodiversity of the area
• Minor upgrades to Artillery Rocks and Godfreys Grave

More information


Jamieson Creek Walking Track

The Jamieson Creek Walking Track is the flagship project of the recovery program and highest priority project for the community. Parks Victoria is establishing the walk from the township of Separation Creek to Jamieson Creek Campground through the National Park, within sight of the coast, utilising the route of a historic telegraph line built in 1859.

Jamieson Creek Campground upgrade and lookout

The campground upgrade will resolve several localised management issues resulting from what was an informal campground and become the trailhead for the Jamieson Creek Campground to Separation Creek walk.

Key features of the upgrade will be:
• Expansion of site from 6 to 26 campsites.
• Construction of look out with seating and picnic tables.
• Installation of a toilet.
• Substantial road upgrade to allow for 2-wheel drive access on an all-weather basis.

Sheoak Falls upgrade

A new waterfall viewing platform and seating area will improve visitor experience along with repairing stairs and handrails. New carpark fencing and bollards will be installed, and 200m of the track will be upgraded

Otway Bioscan

Collaborative community science program with Museums Victoria and Parks Victoria exploring the lesser known features of the Otway Rangers.

Environmental restoration program

Comprehensive weed management program to address areas of high biodiversity significance in the Wye River area.

Wye River Bird Track
The Bird Track area has been treated for over 10 years. Dense infestation of Sweet Pittosporum removed to break conditions that see Asparagus Fern thriving below.
Treatment of both weeds using mechanical and chemical methods in a substantive program will reduce the management requirements for the district in years to come.

Additional upgrades

Minor works to upgrade assets around Wye River to keep a consistency between old and new infrastructure.

• Wayfinding signage at Sheoak Falls, Sheoak Picnic Area, Cumberland River and Allenvale Mill Campground.
• Interpretive signage at Artillery Rocks.
• Minor repairs at Godfrey Grave Site viewing platform.


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